January 30, 2012

Lookback: Jan. 29-Feb. 4

25 YEARS AGO — 1987

▶ Plattsburgh State's Dr. Thomas Rumney, assistant professor of geography in the Center for Earth and Environmental Science, received a grant from Canada supporting his research on "Canadian Economic Impacts on the Northern Borderland of N.Y. State: A Geographical Inquiry," which takes a look at the economic impact of Canadians on northern New York counties such as Clinton, Essex, Franklin and St. Lawrence.

▶ The proposal to ban smoking from city-owned buildings — backed by Mayor Carlton Rennell — deemed smoking harmful to the public health and welfare, a fire hazard, and a nuisance. The proposal's purpose was to limit smoking to designated areas and would present a $100 fine to violators. The proposal was snuffed out by the Common Council.

▶ Ever wondered the history of Plattsburgh street names? Books of local history yielded the following harvest of trivia: Broad Street used to be South Street until Nathanial Platt donated land to "broaden" it. Durkee Street used to be River Street, but was renamed after Sheldon Durkee, a soldier who captured three British soldiers after the Battle of Plattsburgh. Main Mill Street was actually Maine Mill, after a Maine paper company built a mill there, until someone misspelled it.

▶ The Rouses Point-Champlain Chamber of Commerce planned a Winter Carnival Ball for the 14th of February in Rouses Point. Tickets had officially gone on sale, and were available at four locations in the Northern Tier for $12.50.

50 YEARS AGO — 1962

▶ The remains of two of the four missing crew members of the crashed B-47 jet bomber have been identified. The bodies of Pilot Lt. Rodney D. Bloomgren and Co-Pilot Lt. Melvin Spencer have been shipped to their individual homes. The Air Force has listed the remaining two crew members — Lt. Albert W. Kandetski and Kenneth R. Jensen — as officially dead, though their bodies have yet to be identified.

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