October 29, 2012

Lookback: Oct. 29, 2012


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25  YEARS — 1987

▶ The biggest drug bust in North Country history, a combined effort of state, federal and Canadian police, netted investigators more than 14 pounds of cocaine recently. In addition to the cocaine with an estimated street value of $125,000, police confiscated two vehicles, $3,550 in U.S. currency, and an undetermined amount of Colombian money.

▶ Two dormitory-dwelling Plattsburgh State students filed suit in New York State Supreme Court against the Clinton County Board of Elections on behalf of as many as 2,500 other dormitory students in an effort to regain the right for dormitory students to register and vote in Plattsburgh.

▶ A $50 million building project, to include condominium and senior citizen housing, retail shopping mall, business offices and a parking garage, is being planned for downtown Plattsburgh by private developers. Similar downtown development proposals have stalled in the past.

▶ Colleen Main from Montreal purchased the venerable old Flanagan Hotel for $900,000 with plans for revitalization.

50 YEARS — 1962

▶ Another experimental step in convict rehabilitation will be taken at Clinton Prison this week with the introduction of a program in inmate group counseling. Convicts will be encouraged to discuss their personal problems and feelings in a relaxed but guarded “small group atmosphere.”

▶ The Christian Science Society of Plattsburgh hopes to build a new church on Adirondack Lane next spring. The society holds an option on property on the West side of the lane, just south of the Lutheran Church, and has applied to Common Council for an extension of water and sewage lines to the site.

▶ A 21-classroom campus school, estimated cost of which is $2,650,000, is being planned for Plattsburgh State University College. Among the features of the building will be a “television program originating center” where cameras, transmitting and monitoring equipment will be housed.

75 YEARS — 1937

▶ Paper ballots that voters of Essex County will use in next Tuesday’s general election were saved from destruction early Wednesday when fire swept the plant of the Essex County Republican, a weekly newspaper at Keeseville, with the loss estimated at from $25,000 to $80,000. C. F. Peterson, editor of the newspaper, said this week’s issue will be printed at the plant of the AuSable Forks Record Post.

▶ The first regular issue of “The Orange and Black,” a bi-weekly mimeographed newspaper, to be published 15 times yearly by the students of the Plattsburgh High School, appeared this week. News of student activities, sports stories, an editorial, humor column, alumni notes and faculty doings, filled six pages.

▶ Seven state troopers were hurriedly dispatched to West Chazy when it was reported that a large number of pickets had gathered and were watching the highway for non-union milk shipments. It was rumored that the non-strikers would attempt to deliver their milk to the Dairyman’s League plant under cover of night.

▶ A 532-pound bear killed by Gene Mose of Saranac Lake was described by conservation department officials as being one of the largest ever taken in the Adirondacks. Mose found the huge animal in the rugged Franklin Falls section where several recent kills have been reported.

100 YEARS — 1912

▶ People living at Ellenburg Center and in that vicinity fear that they may have a firebug in their midst, because of two fires which occurred within the past few days in which valuable barns with their contents were entirely destroyed.

▶ One expulsion and four suspensions have resulted from the occurrences of last week in which the books and school work of practically the entire high school and a large part of the grammar school in Plattsburgh were thrown perniciously around the rooms and in some cases ruined. This is the most dramatic punishment ever inflicted by the Board of Education upon students of the school but they are determined to stop forever such disgraceful affairs.

▶ “Lizzie” Hathaway, the notorious Monticello murderess against whom the state charges at least four and probably five homicides, and who spent several months in the death house at Clinton prison, is no longer the dreaded murder bent maniac she was when condemned to Matteawan under special guard several years ago. In fact the murderess, who at the time of conviction was more man than woman, weighing over 200 pounds, is only a vestige of her former self, as she lies slowly wasting away in Clinton prison.

▶ The Carnegie hero fund commission has awarded a bronze medal and $1,000 to Marion P. Grenier of Plattsburgh in recognition for her bravery in rescuing a 10-year-old girl from drowning in the Saranac River near the Plattsburgh shirt factory May 1, 1911. Miss Grenier, who is an operator at the Plattsburgh shirt factory, saw the child slip off the bank and into the river, when she then performed her heroic act.

▶ State prison Commissioner S. F. Quick has approved the application of Col. Joseph F. Scott, state superintendent of prisons, to establish a lumber industry at Clinton prison. In his report the commissioner says the plan contemplates “the cutting of the burned tracks and selling in the open market of such timber to pulp mills and other sources; the cleaning up of the land in a manner suitable to the reforestation of those tracks.”

— Compiled by Contributing Writer Shawn Ryan