October 1, 2012

Lookback: Oct. 1-7

25 YEARS — 1987

  • Several North Country communities got an early taste of winter when a snowstorm socked eastern New York. The Tri-Lakes area reported about six inches of snow. Heavy wind, rain and snow knocked down several power lines in the village of Port Henry. Albany took the brunt of the storm.
  • Clinton County legislators may soon take the first steps toward building a limited-access highway across Cumberland Head. An item in the proposed 1988 county highway budget would allocate $50,000 to study the feasibility of such a road project, including possibly enough money to begin property acquisition proceedings.
  • As the Mohawk Indians on the Ganienkeh land on the Military Turnpike begin building their bingo hall, they might do well to look at what gambling has brought their brethren 50 miles to the west on the St. Regis Reservation. The Mohawks there have had bingo for five years, and they become a tribe divided, split by internal wars.

50 YEARS — 1962

  • State Corrections Commissioner Paul D. McGinnis announced this week that a team of doctors from Albany Medical Center will provide plastic surgery for inmates of five maximum security prisons. The project results from a prison survey that shows that defects and deformities have been blamed for offenses committed by 6 to 8 percent of the inmates.
  • A seaplane pilot crashed in Lake Champlain near Westport, and was rescued by the man to whom he meant to sell the plane. He was flying the plane to the Westport airfield to close the sale at the time of the crash.
  • The State University of New York has asked an abstract company to make a title search on deeds owned by property owners whose property may be taken for expansion of Plattsburgh State University College. The area in question includes 51 parcels of land and is bounded by Rugar Street, Beekman Street and College Avenue. 
  • Clinton County is moving with speed to set up a temporary detention home for children. The action came on the heels of a letter received by Family Court Judge Sherlock E. Haley from the Third Department of the Appellate Division.

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