November 19, 2012

Lookback: Nov. 19-25


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25 YEARS — 1987

▶ Aldermen-elect Clyde Rabideau will propose a $250,000 development plan for the city beach and surrounding area at the Common Council budget hearing. The plan calls for extending the seawall between the beach club and bathhouse, expanding the parking lot behind the Crete Center, constructing a new bathhouse south of the beach club and building a boardwalk south along the dunes to the bike path on Scomotion Avenue.

▶ State and local officials broke ground and buried the hatchet as construction began on a new Clinton County Jail. Three dozen people, most of them government officials and staffers, watched as County legislators, the sheriff, and state Commission of Correction Chairman William G. McMahon thrust 10 gold painted shovels into the earth for the obligatory dirt-turning ceremony.

▶ The State’s yet to be built “shock incarceration” camp on Fisher Hill in Moriah could be operational by mid-January, several months ahead of schedule, according to a high-level official in the state Department of Correctional Services.

▶ Condoms will be made available to students at SUNY Plattsburgh, the college announced. The new policy decision was made in response to the AIDS epidemic across the country.

50 YEARS — 1962

▶ A Plattsburgh union official has proposed a joining of forces of union and non-union shops to help promote a better product for “John Q. Public.” Leon Connick, business agent for the Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 497, said non-union shops could offer courses in their trades to go along with the courses presently being taught by the union to local members.

▶ Plattsburgh’s Common Council, eyeing the calendar, may come up this week with a new approach to the dump problem. The city needs to find a new dump site in order to qualify for urban renewal funds.

▶ The Plattsburgh Board of Education ruled out student bus service to the proposed new high school with a resolution declaring it will not get into the transportation business. The resolution gained unanimous support from the board.

▶ Dr. Joseph Rudmin, Clinton County health Commissioner, hopes to start a campaign in early January to clean up the so-called “mud flats” off Margaret Street. The old refuse problem in the North Margaret Street area was stirred to life again several days ago with a renewed complaint from motel operator Eva Bennett.

75 YEARS — 1937

▶ At a meeting held in the town hall of Peru, the inhabitants of the proposed central school district, which is been laid out by the Commissioner of Education of New York state, voted in favor of organizing such district and establishing a central school by a vote of 567 for and 223 against the proposal.

▶ John J. Harnett, Clinton County chairman of the Dairy Farmers Union, said that Frank Duley, president of the Irona Creamery, had signed the Dairy Farmers Union contract. Striking patrons of the Irona Creamery  will this morning resumed delivering milk to the company’s four plants after being on strike for 26 days.

▶ Police are seeking the assailant of Jacob Ladutski, who was struck over the head several times with the bottle while groping in the darkness of his room for a light switch at about 3 a.m. yesterday. Ladutski, who received a severe gash in the head which necessitated three stitches, related the attack to police after his discharge from the Physicians’ hospital later in the day.

100 YEARS — 1912

▶ A party of nine surveyors from the office of the state engineer and surveyor have been in Plattsburgh for several days making surveys and soundings for the location of the Plattsburgh barge canal terminal, for which the people of the state have voted $100,000. The Wilcox Dock site has been positively determined upon for the location of the terminal, and the plans and specifications for its erection on this site will be prepared during the coming winter.

▶ The Saranac Lake police had an exciting chase after two brothers who were alleged to have robbed a jewelry store in Lake Placid early in the morning. As officers forced entrance to a room where the two were known to be shortly after the robbery, the two men jumped through a window and after exchanging shots with their pursuers escaped into the woods, clad only in their pajamas.

▶ “The Wild Man,” who for the last two months had been living in the woods on the mountains of Rupert, Vt., was captured and brought to that village for trial. During the trial he gave his name as Thomas Ourman, and said that he escaped from Clinton prison in June, where he had been serving some time, but he was unable to say how long he lived in the woods.

E While many on board the steamer Ticonderoga were quietly sleeping at 6 a.m. they were startled from their slumber by the splintering of wood and a jar resembling the striking of the vessel with a heavy battering ram. All on board rushed to the side of the steamer to see what had happened, and found a heavy freight car jammed into the paddlewheel house.

— Compiled by Contributing Writer Shawn Ryan