July 30, 2012

Lookback: July 29 to Aug. 4


---- — 25 YEARS AGO — 1987

▶ Stephen Brodi is looking to turn his Bridge Street bar into 14 different apartments and two stores. The project will be getting about $90,000 from the federal Housing and Urban Development grant the city received.

▶ Port Henry is holding its “Champ Day” this week at the downtown Chamber of Commerce. Vendors are welcome to rent out a spot at the one day event.

▶ Lake Placid Forest Ranger Gary Hodgson found a missing 16-year-old boy around midnight. The boy had been camping with a group and had left to get water near Marcy Dam around 5:30 p.m. the same day. The teen was found about a mile from the dam and was heading in the opposite direction of the camp.

▶ The Moriah Fire Department is holding its second-annual Music Festival and Horseshoe Tournament this weekend.

50 YEARS AGO — 1962

▶ Having been initially held off by the Common Council until sales tax litigation was settled, Plattsburgh’s $30,000 sidewalk and curbing project is officially under way. Construction on Park Avenue and South Prospect Avenue has already begun.

▶ The last two days of the Clinton County Fair will honor the respected individuals of the Air Force and the county’s firemen.

▶ Four motorists were admitted to Alice Hyde Hospital after a two-car collision on the Brainardsville Road in Franklin County.

▶ Torrential thunderstorms dropped as much as 6 inches of rain on Clinton County. 

75 YEARS AGO — 1937

▶ The weather observatory on the top of Whiteface Mountain is set to open Aug. 10, according to Sidney M. Serenbreny, instructor in meteorology at New York University and director of the observatory.

▶ Walter LaDuke, 53, of Keeseville survived a train-to-car accident with little injury. LaDuke had been parked on the Port Kent tracks when a speeding express train collided with his vehicle. After the train crew pried open the crumpled automobile, LaDuke emerged with very little damage.

▶ George Doty, a one-legged World War veteran, caught the largest lake trout on Saranac Lake’s record — weighing 31 pounds and measuring 39 inches long. Doty said it took him 45 minutes to reel in the fish.

▶ Jewels valued at $11,025 were stolen from the Saranac Inn. The case of jewels belong to Murian Phinney of New York City and were taken from her room while she and her maid were at lunch. 

100 YEARS AGO — 1912

▶ More than $1,000 has been raised for Merchants Week entertainment and advertising. The funds are bringing in four vaudeville acts and an elaborate fireworks show. The entertainment will also include a competition between six bands for a prize.

▶ The Grangers on Chazy’s Miner Farm are holding their annual picnic this week; many are expected to attend.

▶ The entertainment during Plattsburgh’s Merchant’s Week will include a competition between six bands for a prize.

▶ Over fifteen hundred people gathered at the Miner’s Heart’s Delight Farm in Chazy for the annual Clinton County Pomona Grange picnic. Every town in the county was represented there.

— Compiled by Contributing Writer Kaitlyn Wait