March 21, 2013

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to the spring ice show

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to the spring ice show


---- — PLATTSBURGH — The Skating Club of the Adirondacks dug into its archives and emerged with “Snow White’s Magical Adventures on Ice.”

Performances — at 2 and 7 p.m. — are Saturday at the SUNY Plattsburgh Field House.

The cast is Santana Vicencio-LaBarre (Snow White), Karlee Stephney (Evil Queen), Elizabeth Roberts (Doc), Bryanna Garrand (Dopey), Ella Messner (Grumpy), Abby Breyette (Happy), Saige Stephney (Sneezy), Rheanna Meier (Bashful), Jenna Worley (Sleepy), Meghan Mazzella (Huntsman) and Briana Sterling (Crow).

WPTZ Channel 5’s Tom Messner is the narrator, with music by Entertainment Unlimited.

“Snow White” was among the first productions the Skating Club performed.

“Probably 12 years ago,” said Gayle Roy-Collin, skating pro and show director.

“We’ve added another live piece of music. Ben Bright will be performing as he has the last three years.”

The Saranac High School Jazz Ensemble also performs.

“Ben will be accompanying them live, also. He will do some numbers on his own, the jazz band will do some numbers on their own, and they will perform together,” Roy-Collin said.

Bright and the ensemble are staged within the dwarfs’ gem mine.

“They find all sorts of gems,” Roy-Collin said. “We’re all having fun.”

New costumes were designed by Susan Billow.

“She comes up with the costumes and gives a call to parents that have those skills,” Roy-Collin said.

“Snow White’s Magical Adventures on Ice” has 15 scenes in two acts.

Roy-Collin selected the music, which ranges from “It’s a Wonderful World” to songs by Lenny Kravitz and Keith Urban.

Set design includes a huge, lighted mirror.

“We have a number with all of our advanced students, which are basically our dwarfs and the animal characters,” Roy-Collin said.

“They change in the Spooky Forest. They have a six-minute change into a black unitard with LED lights attached to them. The field house will be pitch-black. All you will see are the lights in the Spooky Forest, and the Witch will be chasing Snow White in that scene.”

Though there is a Prince, do not expect a traditional ending.

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IF YOU GO WHAT: "Snow White's Magical Adventures on Ice," presented by the Skating Club of the Adirondacks. WHEN: 2 and 7 p.m. Saturday. WHERE: SUNY Plattsburgh Field House. ADMISSION: $7 adults, $5 students and senior citizens, free for children 4 and younger.