November 19, 2012

Maple syrup glazes specialty side dish

Plattsburgh woman shares award-winning holiday recipe


---- — PLATTSBURGH — Warm Maple Brussels Sprout is a tasty side dish for this holiday season.

Kathy Murnane serves it up on Thanksgiving.

“I cut it out of a newspaper years and years ago,” said Murnane, who lives in Plattsburgh. “I have had it for a long, long time. I found it one time when I was looking for a recipe, and I said ‘What a great recipe to enter in a contest?’”

She did just that and won the 2011 Press-Republican Recipe Contest and Cookbook.

“We do like brussels sprout. With all these ingredients — maple syrup, walnut and bacon — it really makes it quite special.”

A married mother of three and the grandmother of six, Murnane has a lot of special someones to cook for.

“I love cooking for my grandchildren. They all have their favorite recipes,” she said.

She learned how to cook from the women folk in her family.

“I had a grandmother and three aunts who were just marvelous cooks. I learned a lot from them. My grandmother lived with us some of the time growing up. I just learned to love to cook.”

Murnane grew up in Little Falls. She and her husband, Thomas, relocated to Plattsburgh in 1958 when he took a job as a construction engineer with John J. Harvey Co. to build the North Country Shopping Center.

Thirty years ago, she was a runner-up with her cherry jam, ham and yams dish in a SUNY Plattsburgh cook-off.

“I don’t know where that recipe is,” she said.

With a little looking, she easily locates the recipe for the warm maple brussels sprout.

Ingredients are:

▶ 2 lbs. brussels sprout

▶ 6 bacon slices

▶ ½ cup walnuts

▶ ¾ cup maple syrup

▶ Salt and pepper to taste


Remove core from sprouts. Cut in half, and slice thin.

Blanche sprouts in simmering water and shock in an ice-water bath.

In small frying pan, fry bacon until crisp. Drain on paper towel. Crumble in dish. Set aside.

Reserve a couple of tablespoons of bacon fat or use vegetable oil.

In bacon fat, toss walnuts until you can smell them roasting. This takes just a few minutes.

Add blanched brussels sprout and toss.

Add maple syrup (use ½ cup) and continue to toss until all sprouts are coated.

Season and serve hot.

Garnish with crumbled bacon.

“I use hickory bacon,” Murnane said. “You serve it with dinner. It’s a vegetable side dish. I usually make it around Thanksgiving time in the fall when the vegetables are nice.”

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Kathy Murnane teaches viewers how to make Warm Maple Brussels Sprout in a special video by Press-Republican Photographer Rob Fountain.