August 30, 2012

Local kids talk summer vacation


---- — REDFORD —  Though she has had a fun-filled summer vacation, 8-year-old Raeann Schwank is excited to go back to school next week. 

“I can’t wait to have a lot of fun with my teacher,” said the Saranac Central School student. 

But all students aren’t that eager for vacation to end.

Annemarie Romeo doesn’t relish swapping out time at the beach for class time. 

“I’m not looking forward to it at all because it’s long, and it’s boring to me,” the 9-year-old City School District student said.

The Press-Republican spoke with Raeann, Annemarie and other area kids as they soaked up one of the final days of summer in Redford.


So what were the best parts of their summer breaks?

“All the swimming I can do at my grandma’s pool,” said 6-year-old Sam Madden. 

“Getting whipped cream thrown at my face,” Raeann said.  

“Going to Maine on vacation,” said 13-year-old Kaden Cringle, a student at Saranac Central School. 

“The fact that there’s no school,” Annemarie summed it up. 

For Zachary Furnia, the best part of summer was doing “little swimming tricks” at some lake.

“I think it was Lake Champlain,” said the 8-year-old, who just moved to the area from Arizona. 


Noah Clausen, who also attends Saranac Central, had fun riding down water slides in Old Forge, but the 11-year-old had a bit of trouble keeping the mosquitoes at bay — he said he got bit “100 times” this summer.

 And Zachary had a little insect trouble of his own.

“I got stung by a bee,” he said.

  Other kids, however, had seasonal woes of a different variety. 

What were the worst parts of their summers?

“I think getting the flu,” said Annemarie.

“Being poked by a hook,” said Zachary’s brother, 6-year-old Johnny Furnia.  

“My little sister calling me names,” Sam said.


Still, he plans to get in as much enjoyment as he possibly can before he returns to school at Seton Academy next month.

Once summer is over, he said, “I need to do more homework than I can imagine.”

Although Kaden looks forward to seeing his friends at school, he would like to go camping before summer is officially over. 

And between now and the start of classes, Zachary has big plans to ride his bike down a hill he’s been eyeing. 

“I’ve already done it for practice, but now, I’m going to do it for real,” he said.

“One time, I bailed, and I got my knee just scraped.”

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