September 30, 2012

Plattsburgh State coach faces daughter for first time


---- — PLATTSBURGH — With the Oswego women’s soccer team in town to play Plattsburgh State on Saturday, Lakers’ freshman Bailey Waterbury spent the previous night at home with her mother, Karen, the head coach of the Cardinals.

“It was a little awkward at breakfast this morning,” said Bailey. “We’re both pretty competitive. She wanted to win the game and so did I.”

“I was thinking about waking her up every hour or so to get her tired for the game or give her some bad food for breakfast,” joked Karen.

As it turned out, Bailey played a strong game on defense to help the Lakers record a 2-1 win in SUNY Athletic Conference play at the Field House Soccer Complex.

“I had some jitters before the game started,” said Bailey. “I’ve been looking forward to the game. Plattsburgh is dear to my heart and I know the girls on the team.

“But I was more pumped for this game and wanted to beat them.”

Her mom tried to coach it like it was any other game, but had trouble doing so.

“I wanted to take it like it was any other game,” said Karen. “But I kept hearing her talk to her teammates out there or hear them calling her name. It’s tougher when you have someone that you care that much about on the other team.”

Bailey, a former standout at Beekmantown Central School, has scored a couple of goals so far this season and is proving to be a player that head coach Brian McGrane, a former standout player for Chris Waterbury’s Plattsburgh State men’s soccer team, can count on at different positions.

“I’ve been playing different positions — I’m pretty versatile,” said Bailey. “I’ve played at forward this year and played stopper today. I never know where I’ll be playing.”

“Bailey’s a competitor and played very well today,” said Karen. “She’s getting good playing time. I think they used only one sub today.

“I’m proud of her and happy for her. I knew it was going to be a win-win situation for me today because we care too much for one another. But, I wanted to win the game.”

The Cardinals have been struggling of late, especially on the offensive end, and Bailey wasn’t about to get into any trash talking with her mom following the game and what was a tough weekend for Plattsburgh.

“I was happy to win the game, but I still feel sorry for her,” said Bailey. “I want her and her team do have a good season.”