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July 24, 2013

Sports Shorts: July 24, 2013

Mark Rabin Memorial today

WESTPORT — The 9th Annual Mark Rabin Memorial Golf Tournament will take place today at the Westport Country Club. The 35-foot Shumway Insurance Sledgehammer Putting Contest begins at 10 a.m. A $5,000 hole-in-one prize is also being offered. The shotgun start is at 12:30 pm, and all golfers should be at the course no later than noon. Dinner and awards ceremony will be at 6:15 p.m. For more information, contact Nancy Church, tournament director, at or 564-4169.

Team Names, Team Captains, Team Members

Tee Box 1 – “Christopherson’s Chia Pets”

Bob Christopherson, Connor Christopherson, Dylan Christopherson, Albert Killian

Tee Box 2a – “Gottschall’s Gimmes”

Rich Gottschall, Phil Titherington, Chris Boule, Mike Rose

Tee Box 2b – “Velsini’s Greenies”

Jamie Velsini, Don Barber, William Orr Sr., William Orr Jr.

Tee Box 3 – “Fuller’s Fried Eggs”

Steve Fuller, Cindy Fuller, Ron LaFontane, Jennie LaFontane

Tee Box 4a – “Jacobsen’s Jumbo Drivers”

Eric Jacobsen, Rod Hill, Dan Dubonnet

Tee Box 4b – “Big Sal’s Slice ‘N Dicers”

Sassine Sassine, Rob Buck, Bob Dergham

Tee Box 5 – “The Stanley Tools”

Aaron Stanley, TJ Myers, Jagan Drowlette, Troy Collin

Tee Box 6a – “Guerin’s Got Legs”

Doug Guerin, Steve Glazier, Bob Broomfield, Polly Broomfield

Tee Box 6b - “Sklenarik’s Shag Bag”

Frank Sklenarik, Don Sorrell

Tee Box 7 – “Moffett’s Moguls”

Tom Moffett, Moose Moffet, Karen Baker, Angie Alphonso

Tee Box 8a – “Roger’s Cup Rimmers”

Roger Lorberbaum, Ron Marx, Jeanot Cao-Ba, Jeffrey Weisburgh

Tee Box 8b – “Homburger’s Burning Cash”

John Homburger, Keith Tyo, Todd Moravec, Dave Gregoire

Tee Box 9 – “Trahan’s Topspinners”

Trent Trahan, Greg MacConnell, Richard Marks, Kevin Killeen

Tee Box 10a – “Winterbottom’s Whiffers”

Bruce Winterbottom, Larry Harney, James Smith, Kayla Frenyea

Tee Box 10b – “Shumway’s Shankers”

Rob Shumway, Ryan Bennett, Floyd LaValley, Jamie Drollette

Tee Box 11 –“ Laundree’s Leader Board”

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