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October 5, 2012

Sports Shorts: October 5, 2012

Moriah’s Curran nets a goal

WILLSBORO — Moriah’s Heather Curran scored the game-tying goal with 15:07 to go Wednesday as the Vikings played Willsboro to a 3-3 draw in girls’ Northern Soccer League play. The goal-scorer was incorrectly reported to the Press-Republican for Thursday’s edition.

Kilkeary memorial golf tournament Oct. 7

PLATTSBURGH — The first Mitchell Kilkeary Memorial Golf Tournament will be held Sunday, Oct. 7, at the Bluff Point Golf Resort. Tee times are as follows:

7:37 a.m.- “Raul Can Golf?” (Mack Kilkeary, Alex Pierce, Raul Hernandez, Ethan Bicskei)

7:45 a.m.- “Falling Out of Trees” (Keith Kilkeary, Bob Harris, Kevin Kilkeary, Jake Kilkeary)

7:53 a.m.- “Plattsburgh’s Finest” (Pat Reilly, Pat Reilly Jr., Allen Seymour, Kevin Kilkeary Sr.)

8:01 a.m.- “Brother’s Four” (Joe Kilkeary, Kevin Kilkeary, Dan Kilkeary, Ryan Grecco)

8:09 a.m.- “Team #1” (Tom Tebow, guest, guest, guest)

8:17 a.m.- “The Old Guys” (Clark Foster, Tim Hartnett, Bill Merrill, Kent Eldridge)

8:25 a.m.- “The Nads” (Randy LaBarge, Robert Corrigan, Todd Dupell, Bernie Bullis)

8:33 a.m.- “Team #2” (Dayne Wood, Austin Wood, Lucas Wood, Joel Maggy)

8:41 a.m.- “Wooden Ski & Wheel” (Gordie LaBonte, Nick LaBonte, Cory Bezio, Brian Atwood)

8:49 a.m.- “Cigar Tips” (Eric LaBonte, Ben Smith, Brett Smith, Cody Weaver)

8:57 a.m.- “Team #3”(Frank Buksa, Frank Matthew Buksa, Brandon Buksa, guest)

9:05 a.m.- “Betty” (Betty Frady, Gail Mercurio, Sal Mercurio, Scott Mercurio)

9:13 a.m.- “Team #4” (Chris Benoit, Connor Benoit, Dan Votraw, Ethan Votraw)

9:21 a.m.- “Shumway Insurance” (Rob Shumway, guest, guest, guest)

9:29 a.m.- “Team #5” (Joe McMahon, Cindy McMahon, Steve Sullivan, Heather Sullivan)

9:37 a.m.- “Team #6” (Scott Beebie, Lou Davis, guest, guest)

9:45 a.m.- “Team #7” (Larry Delong, Dave Hackett, Scott Post, Rocky Poupore)

9:53 a.m.- “The Putt Pirates” (Evan Cobb, Michael Isabella, T.J. McCarty, Russell Merrill)

10:01 a.m.- “The Kelly Boy’s” (Jeff Kelly, Jake Kelly, Brandon Kelly, Lucas Kelly)

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