July 20, 2013

Lavictoire extends lead, Schwenkbeck falls to fourth at FLW event


---- — PLATTSBURGH — You’ll often hear anglers say “Wind is your friend,” because moving air masses move the water, oxygenate the shallows, position baitfish and make bass easier to target. But just like that friend who overstays his welcome, raids your fridge and leaves his socks on the couch, too much wind can become a hindrance. That’s what happened to a lot of anglers on day two of the FLW EverStart Series Northern Division tournament on Lake Champlain.

Following a nearly flat-calm opening day, this long and narrow lake straddling the New York-Vermont border saw big winds of 30-plus knots building ahead of the approaching storm system that would drench Plattsburgh a few hours after the weigh-ins. Fortunately, Champlain offers many leeward banks, islands and protected coves; but when your main deal sits right in the wind, it’s tough seeing the game plan blow away like dry maple leaves.

Day-one pro leader Tom Lavictoire, Jr., of West Rutland, Vt., faced just such frustrations, but he persevered and held onto the top spot with a limit that weighed 18-2. Adding that to his first-day’s Thomas Lavictoire, Jr. said he struggled with the wind on day two. The weight of 20-4 gave him 38-6 and a margin of 2-10.

“It was a very different day,” Lavictoire said. “(Thursday) I caught 80; (Friday) I caught 25. It was a hard blow and I lost 3-4 of my prime spots to the wind and the mud.”

Lavictoire, who returned to the Ticonderoga area at the lake’s south end Friday, said he countered the wind’s influence by moving around more and managing his time with a healthy dose of discernment.

“Instead of spending a half an hour or 40 minutes on any of those spots (Friday), I spent a grand total of 5-10 minutes,” he said. “If it didn’t look right or if it was muddy, I left. I’m running different places; I have a spot way down south by Benson Landing that’s producing for me.

“It might look easy for me out there, but it’s not. I struggled to get quality bites (Friday). I had four quality ones (Friday) and I culled a fish late in the day next to the boat ramp that helped me with another half a pound.”

As he did on day one, Lavictoire caught his fish by flipping and pitching into the shallow grass for which Ticonderoga (aka “Ti”) is known. He’s using a jig and an undisclosed Texas-rigged bait that he said is playing a key role in his program.

Thomas Lavictoire, Jr. reaches into his bag to retrieve a pair of photo fish. “I’m just power fishing with heavy stuff,” Lavictoire said. “I have two rods on the deck and when they bite, it’s either a pound-and-a-half or it’s 3½-4½ pounds. You have to go through a lot of them to get to the (quality fish).

“The thing that scared me (Friday) was that the mid-range fish weren’t biting – the 2½- to 3, 3¼-pound fish. I didn’t catch a lot of those and a lot of my areas down there are pretty much blown out.”

Lavictoire said he’s committed to fishing Ti in Saturday’s final round. The weather forecast calls for much lighter winds, but with 20-plus year of fishing Champlain, he knows it’s never a cake walk.

“There are so many variables where I’m going and the first thing is the weather and you’re mechanical stuff,” he said. “You have to get down to Ticonderoga and you have to get back from Ticonderoga. It’s a 66-mile shot one way. Your (outboard) motor has to run, you’re trolling motor has to run, you have to catch them and your fish have to stay alive. There’s so much that has to come together.

“My friends and I always talk about the ‘Ticonderoga Curse.’ You can go down there and catch 18-20 pounds or you can catch 10 or 12 pounds. I just hope that doesn’t happen to me tomorrow.”

Schwenkbeck slips to fourth

Darrin Schwenkbeck, of Keeseville slipped two spots to fourth on day two with 32-11. Schwenkbeck focused his day-two efforts on smallmouth fishing the north end of Champlain, and found Friday’s wind extremely limiting.

“I was handcuffed and strapped down (Friday),” Schwenkbeck said. “I stayed in one little area and once I had (the fish I weighed), I couldn’t upgrade. I made one small run to a place where I had found a 3½-pound largemouth in practice in a patch of reeds. I didn’t catch anything and when I looked out in the lake, I knew I couldn’t go anywhere.”

Targeting strictly smallmouth, Schwenkbeck threw a Spro McStick jerkbait in the clown color. He likes to fish this bait aggressively, but with frequent long pauses. This technique, he said, was tough in the blustery conditions.

“It’s hard to feel your bait in the wind,” he said. “The technique I use is very specific and you really need to sense what’s going on with your bait. With that wind, it’s hard because you have too much slack line.”

Giannini expands co-angler lead to 2 ½ pounds

Making his EverStart debut, Robert Giannini, of Rochester, Mass., not only maintained his lead for a Co-angler he expanded his lead on day two from a whisper-thin day-one margin of 4 ounces to a meatier 2-pound, 8-ounces on day two. Pairing his first-round weight of 16-8 with 13-3, Giannini heads into Saturday’s final round with 29-11.

Friday’s windy conditions prompted Giannini and his pro partner to head in about an hour early, but the short day didn’t seem to hurt the top co-angler. That’s because he got off to a quick start and pretty much had his deal sewn up a couple of hours after takeoff.

“My boater put me on smallmouth so I could get a quick limit,” Gianninin said. “He knew roughly what I needed to make the top-10, so he took me to one of his spots and let me catch what I needed to catch.

“I got my limit and then we went flipping for largemouth. I couldn’t upgrade by flipping, but I had my weight by 8:20.”

Same as day one, Giannini caught his fish on a dropshot with a black worm. He found his bites on a deeply sloping bank in 8-25 feet of water.

“Some of them were up tight; some of them were out deep,” Giannini said. “The bigger ones were out deeper.”

In second place, Edward Jaskolski, of Dudley, Ma., had 27-3, while Jason Bezio, of Plattsburgh, placed third with 26-12. In fourth place, Dick Gum, of Woodbridge, Va. had 26-11 and Bryan New, of Belmont, N.C. took fifth with 26-7.

Day three of EverStart Series Northern Division action on Lake Champlain continues at Friday’s takeoff, scheduled to take place at 5:30 a.m. (Eastern) at the Dock Street Landing in Plattsburgh.

Top 20


1, Thomas Lavictoire, Jr., West Rutland, Vt., 38-06 (10). 2, Chad Grigsby, Maple Grove, Mn., 35-12 (10). 3, Dave Lefebre, Erie, Pa., 35-04 (10). 4, Darrin Schwenkbeck, Keeseville, 32-11 (10). 5, Joseph Wood, Westport, Mass., 31-11 (10). 6, Bryan Labelle, Hinesburg, Vt., 31-10 (10). 7, Aaron Hasting, Middletown, Md., 31-10 (10). 8, Rob Digh, Denver, N.C., 31-05. 9, Todd Brunelle, Milton, Vt., 31-03 (10). 10, David Wolak, Wake Forest, N.C., 31-02 (10). 11, Garry Woodruff, Candia, N.H., 31-00 (10). 12, Chris Johnston, Peterborough, Ontario, 30-15 (10). 13, Jess Caraballo, Danbury, Conn., 30-15 (10). 14, Adam Singer, Brookfield, Conn., 30-12 (10). 15, Ryan Powroznick, Prince Georege, Va., 30-09 (10). 16, RC Cooper, Nashua, N.H., 30-07 (10). 17, Gary Yamamoto, Palestine, Texas, 30-05 (10). 18, Gilbert Gagner, Highgate Springs, Vt., 30-03 (10). 19, Ron Wolfarth, Oakboro, N.C., 30-01 (10). 20, David Cooke, Mooresville, N.C., 29-15 (10).


1, Robert Giannini, Rochester, Mass., 16-08 (5). 2, Edward Jaskolski, Dudley, Mass., 14-00 (5). 3, Jason Bezio, Plattsburgh, 14-05 (5). 4, Dick Gum, Woodbridge, Va., 13-03 (5). 5, Bryan New, Belmont, N.C., 12-08 (5). 6, Frank Miller, W. Nanticoke, Pa., 15-11 (5). 7, Scott Shafer, Glenville, 16-04 (5). 8, Andy Dick, Wilmington, Del., 13-06 (5). 9, Darren Carlson, Penfield, Pa., 11-02 (5). 10, Lenny Baird, Stafford, Va., 12-08 (5). 11, Manuel Cruz, Clifton, N.J., 9-01 (5). 12, John Shultz, Trucksville, Pa., 13-01 (5). 13, Matt Jaroche, Haverhill, Mass., 12-00 (5). 14, Joe Burchill, Boston, Mass., 12-08 (5). 15, David Williams, Fredericksburg, Va., 13-02 (5). 16, Bill Valberg, London, Ontario, 12-02 (5). 17, Christopher Hall, Clarks Summit, Pa., 13-12 (5). 18, Kevin Mulverhill, Moria, 11-00 (5). 19, Derrick Baker, Vernon Cernter, 12-01 (5). 20, Joseph Bona, Kersey, Pa., 15-05 (5).