July 20, 2013

Lavictoire extends lead, Schwenkbeck falls to fourth at FLW event

PLATTSBURGH — You’ll often hear anglers say “Wind is your friend,” because moving air masses move the water, oxygenate the shallows, position baitfish and make bass easier to target. But just like that friend who overstays his welcome, raids your fridge and leaves his socks on the couch, too much wind can become a hindrance. That’s what happened to a lot of anglers on day two of the FLW EverStart Series Northern Division tournament on Lake Champlain.

Following a nearly flat-calm opening day, this long and narrow lake straddling the New York-Vermont border saw big winds of 30-plus knots building ahead of the approaching storm system that would drench Plattsburgh a few hours after the weigh-ins. Fortunately, Champlain offers many leeward banks, islands and protected coves; but when your main deal sits right in the wind, it’s tough seeing the game plan blow away like dry maple leaves.

Day-one pro leader Tom Lavictoire, Jr., of West Rutland, Vt., faced just such frustrations, but he persevered and held onto the top spot with a limit that weighed 18-2. Adding that to his first-day’s Thomas Lavictoire, Jr. said he struggled with the wind on day two. The weight of 20-4 gave him 38-6 and a margin of 2-10.

“It was a very different day,” Lavictoire said. “(Thursday) I caught 80; (Friday) I caught 25. It was a hard blow and I lost 3-4 of my prime spots to the wind and the mud.”

Lavictoire, who returned to the Ticonderoga area at the lake’s south end Friday, said he countered the wind’s influence by moving around more and managing his time with a healthy dose of discernment.

“Instead of spending a half an hour or 40 minutes on any of those spots (Friday), I spent a grand total of 5-10 minutes,” he said. “If it didn’t look right or if it was muddy, I left. I’m running different places; I have a spot way down south by Benson Landing that’s producing for me.

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