July 14, 2014

Hole assignments for Make-A-Wish tournament

PLATTSBURGH — The 17th Annual Naked Turtle/Make-A-Wish Golf Tournament is being held Wednesday at Bluff Point Golf Resort with an 8:30 a.m. shotgun start.

Here are the hole assignments:

Hole 1- Duquette, Titherington, Penfield, Raville.

Hole 1A- Carpenter, Carpenter, Carpenter, Titherington.

Hole 2- Hilts, Therrien, Johnson, Towle.

Hole 2A- Carpenter, Stanton, Hilts, Scarf.

Hole 3- Titherington, Millette, Proctor, guest.

Hole 3A- Trombley, Wilkins, Hanfield, Lewis.

Hole 4- Minehan, Wilkins, Wilson, Beebie.

Hole 4A- LaBombard, Ryder, Ballard, Gadway.

Hole 5- Kinley, Manville, Vincent, Chris.

Hole 5A- Durham, Spiegel, Larkin, Sorrell.

Hole 6- Smith, Smith, Lewis, Newman.

Hole 6A- Frenyea, Russell, Patel, Patel.

Hole 7- Brown, LaMarche, LaMarche, LaMarche.

Hole 7A- Cring, Provost, Warren, Douglas.

Hole 8- Channell, Dergham, Carpenter, Carpenter.

Hole 8A- Hite, Hebert, Hughes, Trombley.

Hole 9- St. Louis, Liberty, McMillan, Dion.

Hole 9A- Lawfer, Benware, Benware, guest.

Hole 10- Sweeney, Sweeney, Tuper, Tuper.

Hole 10A- Barber, LaDuke, Wilson, Hamel.

Hole 11- Durham, Provost, Mecrurio, Frady.

Hole 11A- Reil, Rabideau, Flemming, Derocher.

Hole 12- Bodine, Foster, Goddeau, guest.

Hole 12A- Glaude, Glaude, Reynolds, Reynolds.

Hole 13- LaMare, O’Meara, Ambrosio, guest.

Hole 13A- Leary, Phaneuf, Hammaker, Sample.

Hole 14- Munson, Munson, Munson, Dyer.

Hole 14A- Passino, Mercurio, Ovios, Carter.

Hole 15- Svarplaitis, Svarplaitis, Slater, Trombley.

Hole 15A- Trombley, Trombley, Trombley, Walfield.

Hole 16- VanArman, Abdallah, Dubuque, Endstrom.

Hole 17- Spiegel, Barnett, Ovios, Kerr.

Hole 17A- Carter, Favreau, Landry, Corrado.

Hole 18- Spiegel, Debbos, Davis.

Hole 18A- Lobo, Parker, Nolan, Spiegel.


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