August 16, 2013

Sports Shorts: August 16, 2013


---- — Mission of Hope Golf Tournament today

PLATTSBURGH — The ninth-annual McSweeney’s/Mission of Hope Golf Tournament will be held today at The Barracks Golf Course. There is a 12:30 p.m. shotgun start and golfers are asked to be at the course by 11:30 a.m. for registration.

Tee assignments

1A- D. Reynolds/C. Reynolds; Glaude/Glaude

1B- Donlan/Strack; O’Meara/Sweeney

2A- Murray/Murray; Brankman/Brankman

2B- D. Bashaw/B. Bashaw; M. Farrell/Farrell

3- A. Rovers/R. Bedard; D. Vivian/guest

4- M.L. Baker/J. Aloi; Bardeleau/Bardeleau

5A- W. Bennett/M. Bennett; R. Frenyea/P. Russell

5B- K. Eppler/Konanan; Young/Bridge

6A- C. Paepke/G. Smith; Ensel/McSweeney

6B- Gratto/Cleveland; S. Rovers/S. Bedard

7- R. Wieworka/J. Wieworka; M. Dodds/Cheryl Dodds

8A- M. Mannix/K. Gluck; I. Haines/Haines

8B- K. Rascoe/W. Rascoe; Bashaw/Bashaw

9- J. Carlin/B. Snell; C. Everleth/J. Snell

10- L. Garrant/M. Weaver; K. Everleth/D. Snell


Cancer Fund golf tournament on Saturday

ROUSES POINT — The 2013 Cancer Fund Golf Tournament will be held Saturday at the North Country Golf Club. The Cancer Fund is a local organization helping families offset expenses associated with cancer treatment. The organization hosts several events throughout the year, including an additional golf tournament at Harmony Golf Club in the spring.

There will be a noon shotgun start for Saturday’s tourney. For more information, contact Mike Dodds or Tom Douglas.

Tee assignments

1A- Dodds, T.O., Cheffy, Wieworka

1B- Dodds, Wieworka, Mercurio, Mercurio

2A- Besaw, Recore, Reid, guest

2B- Seymour, Lafountain, Johnson, Karreski

3A- Dumas. Dumesnil, Glaude, Harrigan

4A- Currier, Currier, Golden, Bruno

4B- Gifford, Graziare, Zielinski, Drolette

5A- Everleth, Everleth, Garrant, Garrant

6A- Lonergan, Lonergan, Lorey, Ireland

7A- Post 1619

7B- Parker, Parker, Bodine, Foster

8A- Lefevre, Gilligan, Carter, Thompson

8B- Lefevre, Brown, Carter, Carter

9A- Dubray, Siskavich, Favro, Maggy

9B- Hobbs, Hobbs, Hobbs, Caron

10A- Douglas, Dubray, Rabideau, Kilroy

10B- Dandrow, Dandrow, Dandrow, Maille

11A- Lefevre, Lefevre, Kowalski, Rogers

12A- Gilligan, Donahue, Donahue, Thompson

13A- Daul, guest, guest, guest

13B- Sweeney, guest, guest, guest

14A- Esposito, Esposito, Provost, Carrol

15A- Goyette, Armstrong, Letourneau, Spear

16A- Goyette, Armstrong, Letourneau, Hapgood

17A- Ground Round

17B- Jacques Godin, Susan Beaubien, Serge Petelle, Caroline Hayes

18A- Sons of Post 1619


Cancer Fund golf tournament on Saturday

Pillar, Pillar win weekly bicycle time trials

PLATTSBURGH — Jack Pillar won the weekly bicycle time trial, covering the 10-mile Point au Roche course in 22:06. Corey Hamelin (23:47) and Matt Speirs (24:26) finished second and third, respectively, as the top three finishers all recorded personal best times.

Susanna Pillar, Jack’s wife, led the women with a season-best time of 26:04, ahead of Lynne Murray (26:30) and Alicia Chase (27:23). There were 17 participants in all.

The time trials are held every Wednesday evening at the Point au Roche firehouse on Lakeshore Road. The event is free and open to all novice and experienced riders, road bikes or mountain bikes. Helmets are required and riders must obey the rules of the road. Sign-up starts at 5:30 p.m., with the first rider going off at 6 p.m.


1, Jack Pillar, 22:06. 2, Corey Hamelin, 23:47. 3, Matthew Speirs, 24:26. 4, Scott Woodward, 24:32. 5, Jay Ruff, 24:43. 6, Shawn Turner, 24:44. 7, Jason Amoriell, 24:47. 8, Susanna Pillar, 26:04. 9, Ed Armstrong, 26:05. 10, Lynne Murray, 26:30. 11, Alicia Chase, 27:23. 12, Sabine Amoriell, 28:19. 13, Martin Mailloux, 29:42. 14, Kenna LaPorte, 30:36. 15, Taher Zandi, 32:05. 16, John Callaghan, 32:55. 17, Joe Gardner, 33:25.

Demers, Sackett overall winners in 5K run

PLATTSBURGH — Cancer B Gone hosted a 5K run in conjunction with its annual fundraiser for the CVPH Fitzpatrick Cancer Center. Jill Demers was the overall winner in 22:20, followed by Greg Sackett in 22:24. Katie Demers won the kids’ mile in 9:37.

5K results

Overall female winner- Jill Demers, 22:20

Overall male winner- Greg Sackett, 22:24

Age groups


0-14- Kaylee Padron, 27:55.

20-29- 1, Laael Johnson, 28:55. 2, Sarah Stansbury, 29:40. 3, Jacqueline Harding, 30:02. 4, Kady Corrigan, 32:35. 5, Amanda Bruce, 33:16. 6, Morgan Roussy, 33:23. 7, Alyssa O’Brien, 36:45. 8, Laura Welch, 41:00. 9, Alyssa Pullmain, 41:21. 10, Erin Lopez, 54:09.

30-39- 1, Sarah Davis, 25:32. 2, Kristin Moore, 27:45. 3, Kelli Gottschall, 27:51. 4, Tiana Marreno, 28:09. 5, Nicole LeClair, 37:37. 6, Kerry Haley, 39:08. 7, Christina Bernard, 45:44. 8, Randilyn Trombley, 45:45.

50-59- 1, Dawn Abar, 26:02. 2, Katie Freitas, 33:01. 3, Debbie Sackett, 38:36. 4, Rhonda Hilts, 41:10. 5, Donna Gladue, 43:14.

60-69- 1, Diane Pope, 55:26.


0-14- 1, Jake Casey, 27:56.

20-29- 1, Mark Tiffer, 28:50. 2, Colby Foster, 33:24. 3, Norme Asseus, 54:10.

30-39- 1, Corey Favreau, 40:35.50-59- 1, John Betts, 25:43. 2, Scott Abar, 27:17. 3, Don Hilts, 28:52. 4, Bill Stansbury, 29:41.


Cancer Fund golf tournament on Saturday

Bowl Mart Lanes schedule league meetings

ROUSES POINT — Bowl Mart Lanes has scheduled the following league meetings: Monday Men’s, August 19 at 6:30 p.m.; Tuesday Classic, August 23 at 7:30 p.m.; Wednesday Seniors, August 21 at 6 p.m.; and Wednesday Mixed, August 23 at 6:30 p.m.

For more information, call 297-6106.


Cancer Fund golf tournament on Saturday

Happy Seniors bowling leagueto meet

PLATTSBURGH — The Happy Seniors bowling league will be having an organizational meeting Wednesday, August 28 at 12:30 p.m. at North Bowl Lanes. For more information, contact North Bowl, at 561-1690, or Gail, at 293-8415. The league starts its season at 12:30 p.m. on September 4.