February 12, 2013

B'town bowlers survive strong challenge


PLATTSBURGH — The Beekmantown boys’ bowling team defended its Section VII Championship at North Bowl Lanes on Monday.

Upset-minded Northeastern Clinton, however, made the Eagles work for it.

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The Cougars led the Eagles until the fifth game of the day before Beekmantown finished with a 6168 total and Northeastern Clinton at 5976. The Eagles ended up winning by 192 pins.

The Cougars held a 3046-2984 lead over the Eagles following the morning shift and still led, 4164-4104, after the fourth game.

“Northeastern Clinton bowled well during the regular season and they came to bowl today,” said Beekmantown coach Charlie Stone. “My hat’s off to them.

“We had to dig ourselves out of an early hole. They put up some unbelievable scores, but we fought back and stuck together as a team.”

The Eagles rolled a 1063 in game five, while the Cougars had a 925, giving Beekmantown a 5167-5089 lead. The Eagles then held a 1001-887 advantage in game six to pull away.

“We were making good shots and we were able to stay focused,” said Stone. “We took the lead in the fifth game and were then able to build on it.”

The Eagles’ winning team consisted of Matt Dwyer, Matt Corrow, Andrew Roberts, Ryan Munson and Ryan Douglas.

Rolling 600 series or better for Beekmantown were Dwyer, 236-236-670; Corrow, 258-247-672; Munson, 246-205-637; and Douglas, 206-248-222-676 and 225-225-216-666.

The Cougars, meanwhile, got a big day from Joey Robert with a sensational 248-247-267-762 series in the morning and a 267-211-666 in the afternoon. Kyle Sebert added a 233-218-609 and Matt Jolicoeur a 236-602.

“Joey led the way for us,” said NCCS coach Rick Dumas. “Kyle and Matt also were key for us. Everything was going well for us — we were rolling along well and making our spares.

“But they made a move late in the fourth game and carried it into the fifth. We had our chances. We were on cloud nine for a while and I was absolutely happy with the way we bowled today.”

AuSable Valley finished in third place with a 5751 and was powered by Mike McDonald’s 218-243-658 and 231-202-622, Josh Taylor’s team-high 231-201-255-687 in the morning and Brandon Ano’s 214-217-603 in the afternoon.

Fourth place went to the Beekmantown B team, with Austin Delisle rolling a 213-205-279-697, Dennon Walantus a 235-236-662 and Andrew Baker a 258-210-610.

Some of the other high scores for the boys included Peru standout Jonathan Bowman with a superb 249-232-235-716 and 234-235-665, and Kyle Mendofik a 237-233-631, Ticonderoga’s Cole Frasier a 214-248-644, Howard Fuller a 234-235-649 and Joe Johns a 255-612, Plattsburgh High’s Nick Dodd a 201-245-224-670 and Josh Shaffer a 234-211-637, Willsboro’s Dakoda Latford a 209-261-655 and 221-609, Saranac’s Dalton Exford a 203-244-617, and AuSable Valley B’s Ben Coolidge with a 244-613.

Section VII Bowling Championships

North Bowl Lanes

Boys’ team scores

1, Beekmantown A, 2984-6168. 2, Northeastern Clinton A, 3046-5976. 3, AuSable Valley A, 2926-5751. 4, Beekmantown B, 2877-5637. 5, Ticonderoga A, 2760-5580. 6, Plattsburgh A, 2781-5481. 7, Peru A, 2622-5154. 8, AuSable Valley B, 2521-5005. 9, Willsboro A, 2528-4976. 10, Northeastern Clinton B, 2441-4754. 11, Saranac A, 2297-4651. 12, Ticonderoga B, 2312-4543. 13, Moriah A, 2071-4254. 14, Peru B, 2323-4219. 15, Saranac B, 2008-3806. 16, Moriah B, 1978-3805. 17, Plattsburgh B, 1915-3752.

Boys’ high scores

(200 games and 600 series)

AuSable Valley A- Brandon Ano, 214-217-603. Josh Taylor, 231-201-255-687; 203. Jimmy Provost, 215. Charlie Lacy, 220; 226. Mike McDonald, 218-243-658; 231-202-622.

AuSable Valley B- Ben Coolidge, 244-613. Noah Martineau, 204; Roger Preston, 200; 215.

Beekmantown A- Dwyer, 224; 236-236-670. Matt Corrow, 229; 258-247-672. Andrew Roberts, 210-221. Ryan Munson, 246-205-637. Ryan Douglas, 206-248-222-676; 225-225-216-666.

Beekmantown B- Dennon Walantus, 235-236-662; 223. Andrew Baker, 258-210-610; Austin Recore, 216; 210. Austin Delisle, 213-205-279-697; 212. James St. Denis, 200-209.

Northeastern Clinton A- Chris Kokes, 201; 201-206. Morgan Wyatt, 223. Matt Jolicoeur, 236-602; 247. Kyle Sebert, 233-218-609. Joey Robert, 248-247-267-762; 267-211-666.

Northeastern Clinton B- Josh Frenya, 202.

Peru A- Kyle Mendofik, 237-233-631; 207. Jonathan Bowman, 249-232-235-716; 234-235-665.

Plattsburgh A- Harley LaDuke, 204; 221. Nick Dodd, 201-245-224-670. Josh Shaffer, 234-211-637.

Saranac A- Dalton Exford, 202; 203-244-617. Chris Fall, 204.

Ticonderoga A- Cole Frasier, 214-248-644. Joe Johns, 215; 255-612. Jordan Millington, 213; 203. Howard Fuller, 234-235-649.

Ticonderoga B- Conner Lauzon, 245. Shane Swinton, 231-210; 217.

Willsboro A- Tyler Bridge, 200-212; Dakoda Latford, 209-261-655; 221-609.