September 27, 2013

Sports Shorts: September 27, 2013


5A- Bob Soltero-Jean Poutre; Junior Eithier-Larry Brown (s)

6- Mike Dodds-Tim Nephew; Dan Jacques-Keith McKanick (bb)

6A- Doug Haines-Ray Suarez; Claude Poitras-Frank Pazzi (bb)

7- Jim Barr-Bob Zuckerman; Tom Raville-Jeff Bouyea (bb)

7A- Dave Vivian-Clark Everleth; Tom Juneau-Don Cooke (bb)

8- Al Schudde-Dean Miller; Lee Jubert-Dave Ashline (bb)

8A- Josh Hlaing-Pete Sorrell; Jacques Godin-Real Ouellette (bb)

9- Chad Welch-Bob LaFleur; Pat Welch-Chris Welch (bb)

9A- Matt Davis-Bill Fisher; Cody Roberts-Ernie Barcomb (bb)

(s)- scramble; (bb) best ball

ADK to hike in the Wilmington Notch

PLATTSBURGH — On Friday, October 4, the public is invited to join the Algonquin Chapter of the ADK on a hike to Owens, Copperas and Winch Ponds in the Wilmington Notch.

This is considered an easy hike. Bring lunch and a beverage. Leader Lynn Valenti can be reached at 562-0553.

Trailgroomers Snowmobile Clubto meet

REDFORD — The Trailgroomers Snowmobile Club will be holding a meeting at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, October 1 at Big Daddy’s.

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