July 27, 2007

CVBL team to host Russians today

Wooden bats to be used in contest at Chip Cummings Field today


PLATTSBURGH — Some of the best players in the Champlain Valley Baseball League will be put to the test today when they go up against the Russian National Team at Plattsburgh State’s Chip Cummings Field.

The nine-inning contest, which features wooden bats, begins at 4 p.m.

The Russian National Team is coming off Sunday’s 8-5 victory over the Bennington Bombers and will look to continue its winning ways against the Meron’s Expos, an all-star team put together by CVBL co-commissioner Mike Bergman.

“The opportunity came about and this game is good for the area,” Bergman said. “This is their Olympic team and they will be playing the United States National Team after they play us.

“They practiced at our field today for three hours and I went to Lake Placid yesterday to practice with them. They are a good bunch of guys.

“I would compare them to a Division I college program. Their second baseman played in the Angels minor league system for two years. From the looks of it, they are pretty deep in pitching.”

The starting line-up in order for Meron’s will include: 1, catcher Jerry Kowalowski (Lyon Mountain Miners); 2, shortstop Matt Kelley (Plattsburgh State, Hockey Plus); 3, first baseman Eric Meacham (Lyon Mountain Miners); 4, third baseman Jon Dumas (Lyon Mountain Miners); 5, second baseman Kyle Rock (Hockey Plus); 6, center fielder Jimmy Knight, Jr. (Adirondack Timberjaxx); 7, left fielder Billy Davis (C.R. Tunes Mudhens); 8, right fielder Craig Bujold (Hockey Plus); and 9, pitcher Mike Bergman (Hockey Plus).

Joey Painter (Lyon Mountain Miners) and Kris Doorey (Plattsburgh State men’s baseball coach) are reserves for Meron’s.

“Our guys are definitely excited about playing them,” Bergman said. “It’s tough enough for their players to adjust to being in another country, but baseball is the same in any language.”

Today’s nine-inning game will be broadcast live by WIRY-1340 radio.

Following today’s game with Meron’s, the Russian National Team has contests scheduled against the Chinese National Team and the United States National Team.

Russian National Team


2- Artemiy Artamonov

3- Alexander Vasiliev

5- Pavel Akishev

6- Artur Donetskiy

6- Andrey Kuznetsov

8- Dmitry Galkin

10- Vladimir Petrov

11- Dmitri Seredenko

12- Alexander Nizov

13- Alexander Fedorov

15- Oleg Semenov

16- Nikoloz Kapanadze

18- Alexander Sisyuk

19- Alexander Toropov

20- Pavel Fursin

21- Alexander Vashakidze

22- Yury Perepelitsa

23- Maxim Monakhov

24- Victor Cole

25- Maxim Yudaev

26- Sergey Soloviev

27- Sergey Zharov

29- Andrey Bolotin

30- Alexander Maxyakov

38- Vaicheslav Vasiliev

48- Andrey Kripochin

55- Anton Shirokiy