June 8, 2008

Tanneberger lead changes hands

WESTPORT — Ed Davis and Steve Moffat teamed for a 67 to take the lead in the Championship Flight during the second day of action at the 29th-annual Dr. Tom Tanneberger Golf Classic at the Westport Country Club.

Davis and Moffat were three shots back yesterday, trailing then leader Brian Cross and Paul Salerno, who shot a 71 for the second day.

Davis and Moffat enters today’s third and final round with a one-stroke lead over Cross and Salerno, with Andy Donatello and Brian Reinish in third place, six strokes off the lead.

Other flight leaders include: Dave Kirkby and Pat Leclair in the First Flight with a 149; Paul Guilles and Roger Laime with a 164 in the Second Flight; Alf Beane and Kevin O’Keefe tied with Vern and Steve Lewis with a 171 in the Third Flight; and John Grela and Paul Leaper with a 179 in the Fourth Flight.

Paul Tom won the putting contest for the day and Reinish won the long drive contest with a drive of 401 yards. That drive was the longest drive in the history of the tournament.

Tanneberger Classic

Day Two


1, Ed Davis/Steve Moffat, 67-137

2, Brian Cross/Paul Salerno, 71-138

3, Andy Donatello/Brian Reinish, 71-143

First Flight

1, Dave Kirkby/Pat Leclair, 72-149

2, Jim Stahl/Steve Brace, 75-152

3, Ike Tyler/Tom Edwards, 73-152

Second Flight

1, Paul Guilles/Roger Laime, 82-164

2, Ron Bissell/Ron Allen 83-165

Third Flight

1, tie, Alf Beane/Kevin O’Keefe, 80-171

1, tie, Vern Lewis/Steve Lewis, 82-171

3, Bob Kaleita/Mike Phinney, 83-172

Fourth Flight

1, John Grela/Paul Leaper, 88-179

2, Bill Burhart/Larry Evans, 88-180

3, Mike Brankman/Scott Brankman, 89-182

Dr. Tom Tanneberger Memorial

Today’s tee times

First tee

8 a.m.- L. Connell/K. Connell; J. Tom Jr./T. Tom

8:10 a.m.- M. Phinney/B. Kaleita; R. Frisbie/P. Frisbie

8:20 a.m.- V. Lewis/S. Lewis; A. Beane/K. O’Keefe

8:30 a.m.- M. Heick/J. Wieser; G. Gegenfutner/S. Wilson

8:40 a.m.- P. Guilles/R. Laime; R. Bissell/R. Allen

8:50 a.m.- B. Leilbach/K. Smith; B. McHone/C. Ingham

9 a.m.- J. McSorly/M. Toscano; M. Jarnot/B. Thomas

9:10 a.m.- J. Stahl/S. Brace; P. Arsenault/M. Bingle

9:20 a.m.- D. Kirkby/P. Leclair; I. Tyler/T. Edwards

9:30 a.m.- D. Intschert/D. Traver; T. Ormsby/G. Navarro

9:40 a.m.- M. Law/M. Graves; M. O’Connor/J. Forcier

9:50 a.m.- J. Baker/R. Lorberbaum; E. Vogel/J. Goehghan

10 a.m.- R. Churchill/K. Helm; J. Kielish/R. Reisweber

10:10 a.m.- T. Raville/G. Bouyea; D. Rowe/M. Whitney

10:20 a.m.- M. Atz/M. Hetrick; A. Donatello/B. Reinisch

10:30 a.m.- P. Salerno/B. Cross; E. Davis/S. Moffat

10th tee

8 a.m.- J. Pribble/R. Sherman; H. Lund/K. Cameron

8:10 a.m.- B. McCooey/B. Morrison; R. Marchbank/B. Gambin

8:20 a.m.- J.R. VonHendy/D. Oakley; M. Lund/R. Eastman

8:30 a.m.- M. Atwell/B. Derrick; A. Reeves/J.R. Reeves

8:40 a.m.- J. Arcand/S. Karros; W. MacIver/D. McCormick

8:50 a.m.- M. Brankman/S. Brankman; D. McCormick/R. Hipps

9 a.m.- J. Grela/P. Leaper; B. Burhardt/L. Evans

9:10 a.m.- B. Murray/S. Murray; D. LaRock/B. Bridge

9:20 a.m.- B. Mahoney/T. Seaner; S. Szczerba/A. Szczerba

9:30 a.m.- I. Frisbie/M. Schloat; J. Fletcher/S. Oshel

9:40 a.m.- P. Bradley/J. Bradley; J. Doody/B. Andrews

9:50 a.m.- P. Tom/C. Tom; B. Vogel/D. Vogel

10 a.m.- T. Sheehan/E. Gay; S. Marvin/J. Kelly

10:10 a.m.- T. Forcier/S. James; T. Rye/G. Earling

10:20 a.m.- S. Vogel/E. Vogel, Jr.; T. Bell/C. Fellows

10:30 a.m.- T. Evers/T. Smith; C. Novak/M. Novak