September 26, 2012

Speakout: Sept. 26, 2012


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Some Catholic politicians support abortion and do not support traditional marriage just between a man and a woman. Faithful Catholics should check on local and national candidates as to their position on these grave moral issues.


Why not a rental fire-proofing enclosure surround carried to endangered houses facing forest fires by helicopter? Dropped into place over houses by contract, fire-proof enclosures would seal out the surrounding forest fire flames by design. How expensive would it be with today’s materials and design genius?


I just get annoyed when cars are parked in a “no parking” zone. I see it all the time at Price Chopper and other places. Come on, people.


Sunday at 7:30 a.m. and a business is mowing. You could not wait for another hour and let us sleep in a little. Could you change your days to Monday through Friday?


Please send your children to school with a good breakfast. Oatmeal, eggs and toast are good examples. Please don’t feed them sugary cereals like Lucky Charms, Kicks, Tricks, Cocoa Puffs or air-puffed cereals like puffed rice or puffed wheat. They’re either hyper or tired and starving by 10 a.m.


My sister and I brought our grandchildren to AuSable Point Beach for an afternoon of swimming and a picnic. It is a beautiful beach. Well, twice the kids were told to get out of the water so the lifeguard could take a break. No wonder it’s empty half the time.


I just want to thank Bill and his crew at Westside Ballroom for the terrific job they did at my son’s wedding. Everyone there was so nice and helpful. They helped us set up and box things up later.


I just came across one of the ferries, and on my bill it has a fuel surcharge of 40 cents for a round trip. The ferry made millions when the bridge went out in Crown Point. It is a shame they charge people for fuel.


If I were allowed to make a billion liberal dollars, would I have as much respect as a conservative billion dollars?


I don’t understand how the terms “sweetie, honey, dear and darling” are offensive. There are much worse things that people could call you. People are too easily offended these days. Life is short, relax.


You obviously aren’t a parent in today’s world. I am sure that young mother did discipline the child after they left the store. You didn’t say, but did he get the toy? If he did, then I could see your point, but if not, then mind your own business. 


Judging from the abuse by the establishment on various visionaries and freedom fighters, only those who rubber-stamp approval of the 1 percent agenda will be safe from establishment harassment, while the 99 percent “did something wrong” to incur unending lack of respect: They’re not the 1 percent.


We’re hearing more and more about meth lab, abuse and drug arrests. I want to keep hearing about them. I fear the day that they become “old news,” because that means we are becoming immune and possible accepting to the wrongdoers around us.


When is South Catherine Street going to be paved? Not only is this street in very poor shape, it’s embarrassing to have such a street in the very poor condition it is in. I thought this was supposed to be re-paved years ago?