November 8, 2013

Speakout: Nov. 8, 2013


---- — Cameras

While our city proudly puts up more cameras and license plate readers the citizens of Iowa City, Iowa, stood together and said no. They banned the readers because the government doesn’t need to know where I am at the click of a few keystrokes.


My tenant is having a hard time making his rent (always behind). What is he going to do when he has to purchase health insurance for Obamacare? He doesn’t have a car and doesn’t seem to spend foolishly. He does have a job. Seems like others are in this situation.


If New York state is in such dire financial stress, then why are we still being sent in the mail so-called “Important Messages,” which are nothing more then self-serving political ads from our state representatives. I would love to know the cost of these to the taxpayers.