February 12, 2013

Speakout: Feb. 12, 2013


---- — Pedestrians

Pedestrians have the right of way when they’re inside crosswalks. Downtown Plattsburgh or in school zones, drivers seem to think they have the right of way even when pedestrians are obeying the law, crossing within the white lines.


If you adults can’t be on Facebook and act like adults, why don’t you get off? Bullying is going on and childish stuff. Don’t tease people who are nice and just want to be friends.


While snowmobiling, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend. I’ve seen a lot of evidence of illegal, out-of-season bait trapping and many discarded carcasses of fisher and coyotes. I snowmobile in Peru, AuSable and Keeseville, this trapping/hunting is happening along groomed trails.

Fire Station

Yeah for Morrisonville’s plans on new firehouse. These fine volunteers are one of the most professional departments in the area, paid or volunteers. They look, act and do their job as well as any others.


Morrisonville Fire Department expansion is excessive. The cost to those of us in the district on fixed incomes, it’s a lot. I don’t begrudge them the added space, but this seems excessive.


A ban on assault rifles and the confiscation of them would surely cause the next American revolution. It seems as if this is what the left-winged “conservatives” truly want.


Please don’t think that banning assault rifles is going to help anything. In fact, banning them will cause more chaos when police forcefully try to confiscate them. There is too much to lose if this action follows through.


The recent slaughter of children is tragic. We cannot stop this by banning certain types of weapons. Why is a rifle banned because it has a pistol grip? Would a wooden stock be OK on the same gun? Mental Health funding is the answer.


In regards to the tasteless smoking ads aired in the a.m. and p.m. when people are starting their day with breakfast and ending it with dinner. Even people that smoke know that it is bad for your health. New York, spend your money elsewhere.


The new assault weapons ban will create a whole new class of criminal out of once law-abiding gun owner. Are we so naive to think that criminals will register their assault weapons and ditch their high-capacity magazines?


What do you think will happen if a fire starts within a school full of students and adults with the outside and classroom doors locked?