October 17, 2012

Speakout: Oct. 17, 2012


---- — Retirements

Congrats to the mayor for taking a stand against the rise in state retirements going up soon. My retirement is based on the stock market also; only difference is, when the market tanks, no one makes it up for me. Taxpayers can not foot all these bills much longer.


Peru residents need to start paying attention to the goings on at the government level. NYS Comptroller report reveals numerous oversights on town officials shoulders.


If you have a special friend that is allergic to smoke and cats, then be a friend and don’t expose that person to stuff that makes them very sick. Don’t be so selfish. Asthma and allergies are not fun to deal with.


I’m writing in reference to appropriate and inappropriate attire in schools. I think if you are considering uniforms because the girls can’t cover themselves, then some of the female teachers should do the same.


I am tired of living above noisy neighbors. Ten people in a three-bedroom house is too many. It’s a shame that landlords value DSS money over hard-working people’s.


I hate my fellow shoppers. I have never seen such angry, self-entitled people. It is not the associate’s job to do your shopping for you.


People who live on death row are obviously there for a reason. I believe that if you murder someone on purpose, why should taxpayers have to give them three free meals a day, a free bed and free health care.


Town sports is not a babysitter, so to you parents who sign your kids up and they have no clue what they’re doing or don’t even want to be there, please save the coaches the hassle.


To the teacher who wrote she barely makes it from payday to payday. Have you checked your pay stub to see how much union dues are taken out? 


I’d like to know how much brains and adrenaline it takes to start at the top of Emmons Street hill in Dannemora and blow by the local park and apartments where children reside at high speeds? I hope someone’s child doesn’t run out in the street when this happens.


Why does our government keep saying they are broke? All they have to do is stop sending billions of dollars to countries who don’t want us there. Maybe then the American people can have some of the money they work so hard to earn.