April 19, 2013

Speakout: April 19, 2013


---- — Bingo

I see that the state of New York is not going to allow senior citizens to play penny bingo without excessive regulation and expensive permits. Just another example of way too much government.


The U.S. government wants to deny its citizens the right to own a gun. At the same time, they supply rebels overseas, and let’s not forget the Fast and Furious scandal.


Bye-bye New York. “Live Free or Die” New Hampshire here I come. We’re taking our 110K income and the 10K in state and property taxes we pay and hitting the road.


As someone with over a dozen tattoos, it’s sad to see that a “professional” scam a young woman on her first tattoo.


I would like to congratulate Coach Houle and all of the Lady Cards on a wonderful season. You should be proud of your accomplishments.


If custodians are cut, schools will not be as clean. People have to look at the whole picture of the situation. The public and board members need to get more involved.


Do you really believe you are not paying taxes when you pay rent? Why do you think your rent goes up?


My family and I passed by a store at the mall where an employee was loudly talking on the phone about company business. I’d rather not hear about your problems with your company, thank you.