April 29, 2013

Speakout: April 29, 2013


---- — Upstate

If you were to divide up New York state, you would have a southern, western, eastern and northern part. From the southern part of the Adirondacks to the Canadian border is all Upstate. That’s just how geography works.


We going to now ban knives because of a stabbing? Or does it just work for guns?


How many can afford five vacations in three months like your president so far in 2013. We are in financial straights but he can go play golf with Tiger, wife can ski, kids get two spring breaks.


Just outside NYC, in Fort Lee, N.J., gas is 3.27 a gallon. What’s gas cost in your neck of the woods?


Reading the latest arrests in today’s P-R, I’m wondering how soon I will be the only person in Clinton County not in jail.


Isn’t anyone worried that bailing students out of difficult tests teaches them that when times are tough, complain, give up and walk away? Maybe this is a time to show children that they can get through tough times with their parents’ support and encouragement.


There is an increased emphasis on no speeding in work zones on Interstate 87. Since this is for the safety of the workers, it should apply to all. Sheriff’s department car in front of me this morning did not slow down going through work area.


You can buy the grandkids all they want. That doesn’t buy their love.