August 27, 2012

Speakout: Aug. 27, 2012


---- — Cost

The mayor is so proud he won one arbitration case against the city firefighters. Let’s talk about the other 39 he lost and what that caused the taxpayers.


To the person who wrote in about surcharges at local courts. It pays for the judge’s time, court clerk’s time and the building’s lights and heat to be on, already included in their respected budgets. You might have heard of the phrase, double dipping.


You want a public swimming pool in Plattsburgh? We have two public dog parks and no one keeps those clean. Who will keep the public pool clean? There is litter on the streets of Plattsburgh. I’m sorry; I grew up here, and it’s sad how this city has changed.


Do you have proof those Canadian employees are illegally employed? They may be lawful permanent residents or have work authorization. If not, then complain to Bill Owens. You may or may not have a case.


WPTZ has the Olympics on all day. At 6, one would expect to see local news. Nope. Recap. At 6:30, Brian Williams has the same thing. Note to WPTZ, London isn’t local, but then again, with an address of 5 Television Drive, Plattsburgh, neither is Vermont.


Canadians taking U.S. jobs is not new. It’s called the visa program. I, too, was let go while Canadians kept their visa-protected jobs. Canada protects their workers while the United States lets this travesty continue. Wyeth/Pfizer has been doing this for years.


Parking lots are largely privately owned. Police cannot remove campers unless the owners file a complaint.


Wal-Mart, put an employee at the right-turn exit and tell people who are stopped for no reason to move their vehicles. There is no stop sign for the right-turn exit. Stay in your lane and move on.