October 2, 2012

Speakout: Oct. 2, 2012


---- — Cleaners

Thanks to the folks who keep the Plattsburgh mall clean. They do an excellent job and always seem so pleasant and happy. I think we could all learn something from these men and women. Keep up the good work, and thanks again.


If somebody wants to write a letter to the paper about what he or she read or would recommend to somebody, I don’t see what the problem is. It beats all those negative, meaningless rants about what is wrong in the world. We need more encouraging, worthwhile letters published.


Negativity is the only thing some people know these days. They are not satisfied unless they are demeaning somebody.


I don’t get it ... alcohol and cigarettes are legal. They kill people. But marijuana isn’t legal? When did marijuana kill people? It’s grown on this Earth; why not just legalize it?


Some people have weight problems they can’t control, smoke (not a crime) and drink, which, if it’s off the job is not anyone’s concern. Just because people are obese and smoke or drink does not make them unprofessional or bad people.


What does it matter if a health-care worker is obese, smokes or drinks? As long as they are doing their job and helping patients, you should be thankful. Just remember, that worker could be the one to save your life or a family member’s.


What are the times that you’re living in? So, two men kiss or dress up in women’s clothes. So what? Difference makes the world. Try being less ignorant and more open-minded.