July 7, 2013

Speakout: July 7, 2013


---- — Dog

Our neighbor ties the dog out daily and lets it bark and whine for hours. Something wrong with their hearing? Tell the dog to hush up or take it back inside.


State law mandates that headlights be on when using windshield wipers, day or night. Why aren’t these people getting ticketed? This week alone, at least a third of all cars have no lights of any kind on.


To the person who bumped my car door on July 3, I am very sorry for how I reacted, and I want to make amends. I have left my name and number at the store where it happened. Please contact me.


The Fourth of July is not Flag Day, but surely it is easier to wave a symbol than think about the revolutionary ideals of our founders.


Weddings and the hoopla that comes with them are getting too expensive for everyone involved. If you want to have all the formalities, consider the people’s wallets who are coming. It is taxing to have to bring a dish/gift to the shower, rehearsal and be part of the wedding party..


After having a close call on Rugar Street near the Field House, I would like to say: Bikers stay off the sidewalks. It’s illegal, and you could seriously injure or even kill a pedestrian.


Crucify Paula Deen for her comments and companies drop her like a rock. How about all of the hatred and “n” word in music today. Nobody is rushing to drop these lowlife ignorant “musicians” for their comments.?


It never ceases to amaze me how disrespectful some “religious” folks are. Baptism is a choice and is not part of every religion. And it’s highly disrespectful to remove personal property from someone’s vehicle because they don’t share your beliefs.


Calling my home before 10 a.m. and between 5 and 7 p.m. trying to sell something or looking for donations is harassment. I am keeping a list and you will never get another donation.


There is a leash law in the City of Plattsburgh that requires you to leash your pet while walking him or her. Even if your pet is on your property, it should be leashed. Be respectful of other dog walkers; obey the law.


Are people that stupid that they need a sign not to stop on the railroad tracks at the construction on Boynton Avenue?


I have posted signs saying “keep out,” and yet people are still walking through my yard. Maybe you would like me to call the police.


Rain, rain go away farmers need to plant their crops. Prayers needed.


Thank you to the small family farms that keep their properties neat, animals well fed and buildings in good shape. Then there are others who buy property and animals and don’t take care of them.