October 10, 2012

Speakout: Oct. 10, 2012


---- — Activity

Read more. Watch less TV. Ditch the Xbox (for a few hours). Be more active: go outdoors, for a walk or jog. Take a drive. Ride a bicycle. Learn. Grow. Explore new things. Be adventurous. Do not waste your short time here on Earth doing nothing. 


To that special someone in the black pickup truck who bought our dinner at Ronnie’s Michigans Aug. 29. A special thank you so much. We were so pleasantly surprised. You had left before we could thank you.


Why do young people feel immortal, especially when they do idiotic things to themselves? You put yourself in risky situations, like riding an ATV, or driving without a seatbelt, going over the speed limit, and suddenly there’s death, waiting for you around the bend. Be wise.


I know when college students return: the streets and lawns around town are littered with fast-food wrappers, dirty napkins, uncouth language and empty beer cans. Ah, youth. 


Finally our roads in disrepair around the Plattsburgh area are being addressed with road joints being prepared for paving and “bump” signs everywhere. Congrats to all. However, roads being prepared for 6 weeks with major bumps without paving is a bit much, I believe. My car says ouch.


Beekmantown Central needs to combine the athletic director position and the assistant principal position. Follow the lead of Saranac and Plattsburgh, who have combined these positions to save taxpayers money.


You should change the name of your newspaper to the Press Democrat or Press Liberal Democrat. I find most of your editorials are slanted left.


Strongly support the idea of closing part of City Hall Place for foot traffic, dining and shopping. Let’s bring Plattsburgh downtown back to life. We may not ever be like Burlington, but there is a lot we can do to make downtown an attractive destination.


Rachel Maddow on MSNBC has really helped me understand the complicated politics of this presidential election. I recommend her to anyone confused at what’s going on at the top of the political ladder.


Stop bashing our Canadian neighbors; they are our friends. You may find one or two bad apples in the bunch, but that also applies to we Americans. Bet you bigots will love this.


Unemployment bashing. I refer to the people who come into my store asking for an application and adding, “But I really don’t want a job, I just have to do this.”  Or how about those collecting benefits who work off the books. If you know of this, report them.


When employers are asked for a reference on past employees, don’t lie to the prospective hiree. It makes for a very unpleaseant transition and a false hiring, so that employees benefits will fall right back on you. This has happened three times in my privately owned store in one month.


Whatever happened to neighbor helping neighbor? Or giving someone the benefit of the doubt? Barking dogs are not a reason to ruin a perfectly good neighbor relationship. Next time, come to us instead.


With the start of a new school year. I hope that the administration will take look at the dress codes for its teachers. When I drop my child off in the morning, I don’t want to see your tramp stamps and way too shorts skirts.