July 23, 2013

Speakout: July 23, 2013


---- — Global warming

How can people deny that global warming is a thing, especially with all the rain and “sharknados” we’ve been getting?


Kudos to the Plattsburgh Sheriff’s Department for responding to a call at Consumer Square for dogs left in vehicles with no air on and windows up tight in 90-plus degrees. I am so glad the people who were baking their dogs were ticketed.


If I am aware that my young adult goes to the doctor and is very vague in describing his or her illness or condition, I go to the visit to help. What is so wrong with a parent going to help remember details?


Are you afraid to fly? You might consider how much more dangerous it is to drive through intersections in Plattsburgh. Drivers ignore red lights every day. Do we have security cameras? Lots of revenue could be made.


On Saturday, July 13, a man lost something at Route 3 Mobil. My daughter found it, but we missed you pulling out. Route 3 Mobil has my phone number. Call to claim it.


From Emmitt Till to Trayvon Martin. Nothing has changed.


What has happened to the pride of our village? Our beautiful lakefront looks like a jungle, and the sidewalks on Lake Street need to cleaned.


$35 an hour is nothing? Well, around here it is. Stop complaining for a raise because there are people who do not have the opportunity to make that kind of money around here.


It’s disrespectful to your loyal weekly race to allow the top five rows of the grandstands to be reserved for an upcoming two-day race. What happened to get there early and stand in line, first come, first served?


I just don’t understand baseball coaches who engage in such unsportsmanlike behavior. I am not sure whether to find it comedic or embarrassing. A recent pickup game at Lefty Wilson left me shaking my head at such behavior.


Why are most of the downtown Rouses Point businesses closed on Sunday? The marina was full of Canadian vehicles, as was the boat launch, yet no one was open so these potential hundreds of customers could shop. I’d think Sunday would be a good day to be open.


White House has ordered that Greek yogurt be added to school lunch menus. For the rest of the nation, Obama has ordered a Greek economy.