July 13, 2013

Speakout: July 13, 2013


---- — Treatment

As a parent, I’d like to say how pleasantly reassuring it was to call up our county mental-health facility to inquire information on how to seek treatment for my child. Your patience and soft-spoken advice put my mind at ease.


It is so nice to see Wal-Mart carrying organic bread and more organic items. Thank you.


Nobody should ever make somebody else’s job harder than it already is. Every job is a “service job,” no matter what your position is. All jobs are important, whatever the level they are.


I miss having the choice to go to two different malls in Plattsburgh. We should bring back a second mall, maybe put it on Route 9 by the theater. A second food court, too. Maybe a big mall like Albany.


SPF is a myth just like anti-aging creams and global warming. Cave men didn’t wear it, and they turned out just fine. Sick of the government telling me what to eat and slather on my body.


Stop texting and driving before you kill somebody. You are being selfish.


Whether it is a disease or not, we bigger people do have diseases, like hypothyroidism, and are being treated with meds, which I pay for. And, yes, I work every day and still have a problem losing weight. Don’t judge.


July 4th is Independence Day. It is a specific date. It is not July 3rd or 5th. It should be celebrated on whatever day of the week it falls on. Take the time to observe and honor our freedoms that so many of fought for.


Drivers, you have no good reason for failure to use your lights in poor light conditions and when you have wipers on. While you might choose to hasten your own removal from the gene pool, these laws are made to protect all drivers by making them visible.


First you increase tax on my cigarettes, and now it’s on my soda? What’s next, my daily 40? I thought this was America.


As I go through town to visit all my veteran friends that I have lost over the years and knowing I will join them soon, it hurts to see the faded flag at the county building. Could somebody please give them a flag and lay that old one to rest?