April 5, 2013

Speakout: April 5, 2013


---- — Speed

Is there any particular reason why drivers feel they have to race down North Catherine Street? The speed limit is posted.


Are there more drug stores in town than grocery stores?


Why is the world’s most useful plant illegal to grow in this country? Because it can severely impact the profits of the oil, chemical, drug and timber industries, among others.


Is it necessary for the police to describe on TV how meth is made and used? I understand the need to remove the problem, but telling the general public can be the downfall.


If you are tired of your kids being subjected to test after test, you do have parental options. Go to the “Opt of State Standardized Tests — New York” Facebook page.


When is bullying in local high schools going to stop? Oh wait, it’s the principal that is the bully. There have been posting from the students on Facebook about it.


To all the parents of children of the Plattsburgh City School District, please get yourself registered to vote in the upcoming budget vote.


Such a shame that our high school didn’t allow students to participate in the absolutely worthwhile annual Youth Leadership Conference at CCC. Every other area school was represented.


New York shouldn’t make laws without relevant investigation. The 10-shot clip is standard for many manufacturers, and there are no 7-shot clips being made or planned


To the person complaining about the police budget: I guarantee that you are the same person who would complain if you have illegal activity going on next door to you and there wasn’t a quick response to your call. We need the Police Department.


The Sheriffs Department has 1,187 square miles to cover, plus all the civil duties of the county and overseeing trials at the court level. They don’t have the manpower to take care of the city as well.


I recently attended a play at PHS I would like to say thank you the custodians who have done a fabulous job keeping the school clean and being so helpful. I truly hope the administration and staff realize what they have.


Two busts for meth in today’s paper. Wake up, people! What kind of parents raise children who are drug dealers and addicts? Are they your neighbors?


If you are against guns, then why don’t you just put a sign in your yard that says, “This is a gun-free home.” It might as well say, “Welcome robbers, rapists and all criminals.”


Gun laws do not work. Criminals do not obey laws.  Gun laws just make us more prone to be the victims of criminals.


I read about all of the budget woes the cities, towns, states and school systems are having. A lot of those problems are based on paying for retirement and lifetime medical. About time to revamp the system.


Give the new superintendent a chance with his changes. What we had last year didn’t work; maybe his changes will work.