October 25, 2012

Speakout: Oct. 25, 2012


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I agree with the Facebook thing. Someone called my child a creeper. And I just can’t believe teens do this. Must be that girl is very insecure and wants good people to feel bad. Good thing my kids has a mature manner and ignored it. Grow up.


Thank you to everyone who donated at the Elmore SPCA street drive. You are all amazing, and the animals thank you.


At a sporting event, the home team scored and the away-team spectators made an inappropriate gesture to the home crowd. Apparently they didn’t like the celebration of the goal. This is why there are a separate set of bleachers for away spectators. Sit on that side.


I recently spent three days at the pediatric unit at CVPH. I was the recipient of an awesome gift when I went home. I want to thank the fifth-grade Step Ahead afterschool program at Momot Elementary for the blanket. Awesome job.


I was appalled today when entering a local supermarket. A gentleman asked someone if she would like to donate to the disabled veterans, and he was ignored by this woman. How does anyone forget what our veterans have done for our freedom?


Commit a murder; walk across the border in Mooers. We have spent untold billions on the TSA to make sure no one brings 4 ounces of water on an airplane, yet we have murderers walking across the border seemingly at will.


On side streets in Plattsburgh, people should park in their driveways. If they have to in the winter time, they should do in the summer for the safety of kids. But I’m afraid they will only park in the driveways when it’s too late.