March 26, 2013

Speakout: March 26, 2013


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In the Village of Rouses Point, is the Civic Center manager’s position considered a full- or part-time position?


I wonder how long Gov. Cuomo will last before he gets thrown out by the people of New York.


Thank you, young girl who found my purse at Wal-Mart. It was stolen and $300 was taken. Some people work hard for their money; some it’s handed to them.


It’s not D against R or R against D. Well, it shouldn’t be. It should be U.S. Let’s work to make it U.S. again, like U.S.A No. 1.


Is it too much to ask for parents at sporting events to show some class and let kids have fun and “be kids?” Your actions are an embarrassment to your child and the team.


Kudos to the kind Plattsburgh lady for feeding the feral cats. Stray cats live a dangerous, horrible life and deserve our kindness. You have a big heart.


Upstate New York consists of everything north of Glens Falls, not Albany, not the Mohawk Valley. When you see wild animals and green trees, you can say you’re in the northern New York.


People who think there is too much ceremony in choosing the pope don’t seem to have a problem with the ceremony around large sports events and the money spent on the lottery and gambling. The priorities are misguided.


March 12, I attended the Peru School Board meeting and gleaned information that makes sense of all the change: cost effectiveness.  Communication is critical with change.


Running a business such as a school is a huge expenditure. Costs for everything are increasing while state aid keeps decreasing. Remember how much your child (grandchild) will lose if you vote no.


New York doesn’t expunge convictions even after someone has paid for their crime. Why not just hand down life sentences right from the start? How many jobs will I be turned down from?


Most of us don’t want assault weapons, with large magazines, sold. Those who have them should be forced to give them up or face heavy fines.


Some of us must be trying to understand the Page 1 headline  “Legislators to call for repeal of gun law” against Page0 6 “4 killed in Herkimer.”


They say second-hand smoke is bad for you. Unless you’re waiting to see who the next pope will be.


I live in Chazy Lake and drive through the dam every day. The state plows drive through every few minutes, keeping it as safe as possible. They do a great job.


About the new pope, say hello to the new boss, same as the old boss. As long as the church continues to condemn contraception, abortion and gay rights, it will lose members.


If “sex offenders” are to be banned from campgrounds, I do hope it’s only the ones who committed a true sex offense. I think the laws against sex offenders are getting out of control.


Why does a government that sells guns to illegal aliens and gives weapons to foreign rebels want to deny its own citizens the right to own guns?


Several local schools have announced that they are laying off large numbers of staff members to balance their budgets for next year. Isn’t it strange that we haven’t seen any administrators being laid off.