January 22, 2013

Speakout: Jan. 22, 2013


---- — Media

Whenever we have gun violence, it is usually followed by other similar incidents. One of the major causes of this is the excessive coverage given these shootings by the media. It plants the seeds for copycat shootings. Why doesn’t the media control itself?


To people who are offended by the clothing of others, have you ever thought that people don’t dress themselves with every single stranger in mind? Maybe they aren’t selling what you are buying.


In the Walmart lot, I noticed a car backing out very slowly because its view was blocked. When it was about halfway, a driver with cellphone comes speeding down the road, blaring her horn. Lady, you are a lot more ignorant than you are important.


Jeers to the plow driver who left a huge amount of rock-hard snow at the intersection of Military Turnpike and Alder Bend early this morning. Broke my grill, didn’t lose control, no injuries. Could have caused major accident for many.


I’m curious, how many times does one have to be arrested for drug dealing before something is actually done? Such as my neighbor, who everyone in the area knows about including the police, but he gets released on his “own recognizance.”


Why do parents take kids out shopping late at night when they should be in bed? The kids are tired and crying. This is disruptive to other shoppers. It’s not the child’s fault but the parents putting their needs first.


Can someone explain the rationale behind Rouses Point having sidewalk snowplows out plowing when only a dusting of snow has fallen? Saturday, they were at it again. Assuming the driver(s) is paid overtime today, is that how our tax dollars should be spent?


When you are in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, please remember to pay attention to the world around you. At the post office, someone in a van ran into me and hit my leg. I was just trying to cross the road.


On the subject of inviting people to your wedding, it depends who we are talking about here. If it’s a distant relative or a nonmember of the family, that’s different. But close relatives, that is another story.


Psychiatrists who don’t report the mentally ill are killing us. It’s illegal for anyone with a mental illness to buy or possess any kind of gun.  Why don’t we register the insane, so they can’t get guns in the first place?


Have you ever wondered about the difference between ignorance and stupidity? Ignorance is not using your turn signals in time to alert other drivers to your intentions. Stupidity is putting your signal on after you start making the turn.


Christmas is a time of hope. I wish all grandparents to be able to see their grandkids if possible. To withhold a grandparent’s love from your kids is a shame, and it hurts the kids.