January 14, 2013

Speakout: Jan. 13, 2013


---- — Shootings

We have become a sick and twisted society when someone can slaughter babies at school. Ban assault rifles and violent video games. There is something wrong with kids that want to play violent games.


Why don’t towns tear down their boarded-up condemned houses, sell the lots and get nice homes back on the tax roll? Every town has them, and they are eyesores. The cost of demolition isn’t that much. It would benefit the communities.


We all made the mistake of electing trustees we thought had morals. Instead they refuse to vote on bills they made, are not present to assist with issues and deceive the public. 


Essex County is broke? How many years of lowering taxes and being the good guy did it take to get here. Now people will lose their jobs because no one wants to admit their bad choices.


Local administrators seem to think that the fact that health care rhymes with market share makes the two things interchangeable.


If someone takes the thought, time and money to purchase a gift for me, I will love and appreciate that item just for those three reasons. There is to much “I want only (this)” and “will be happy with only (that).”


After this unimaginable massacre of 20 children, now is surely the time to say “enough” and ban the sale and possession of assault rifles. Let these lives not lived mean something forever by bringing forth a ray of goodness from this evil deed.


The North Country gas prices were about 30 cents higher than the national average. Wake up, call your congressman or the attornery general today.


Another school shooting — this time babies slaughtered. We need to make federal law that schools receiving federal money have locked doors, metal detectors and security guards at the door.


We all know people who carry and hide pistols in their house. Some even own them without pistol permits. Maybe we should go to the police about this.