January 6, 2013

Speakout: Jan. 6, 2012


---- — Speed

Drivers who can’t maintain the posted speed limit are a hazard to other drivers. Please put on your four-way emergency flashers to warn other drivers that you can’t drive safely.


Please be considerate if you use self-checkout machines. If you hit the “don’t bag” button more than three times, it will notify the employee, causing delays. And if you have a lot of items, use a regular cashier.


You can say all the Happy Holidays you want, but Dec. 25 will always be Christmas Day. There will always be Christmas trees, Christmas songs, Christmas cookies and then Christmas candy canes.


In Florida, gasoline is $3.11 per gallon, and it’s $3.77 per gallon in northern New York. How can it be that much different? In Glens Falls, the price is only $3.62, so there must be some gouging going on in the North Country.


I am a student at CCC, and I am outraged that our art professor was cut. Our professor is one of the best we have at CCC.


Be careful, men and women, of who you decide to date. There are people looking for only what you have and will take advantage of you or try to. Don’t be afraid of a background check. It will save grief later on.


It’s disgusting to see the amount of people who don’t tip or barely tip at a restaurant. If you can’t afford the dining experience, cook at home. No server is there because they like you or to serve others for free. 


Until recently, Clinton Community College was operating with a $3 million surplus, and now it is $600,000 in the red?


Keeseville does not need an incorporated village. AuSable Forks, Jay, Peru and Wilmington all put up lights and decorate for the holidays. The Village Board and mayor are just stepping up in an attempt to sway voters. Vote for dissolution Jan. 22.


Vermonters living in New York, if you move to this state you have 30 days to change your license to New York. Check the northern Tier to see all the non-compliers.


We are not celebrating the birth of a holiday. We are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, so I would like to say to everyone have a Merry Christmas and God bless you.


The recent cuts indicate a troubled future for Clinton Community College. Two years ago, the college was flush with cash.


I have always wanted a dog, but if I got one I would treat it with respect, so why do people abuse dogs, cats or any other animal? Just because animals are small and they can’t talk doesn’t mean that you can abuse them.


No offense to our Canadian cousins, but why does the Chamber of Commerce seem to only want to attract Canadian business to our area? Are American businesses not worthy of locating here?


In response to the rude employees, I agree people should never be rude, but that should also apply to the customers.




We would like to thank the trapper who released our black lab from a trap a few weeks ago. He had to have been scared, and we were very worried when he did not return home. Thank you for being a good trapper and diligent about checking your traps. 


Does anyone realize that a library is not a telephone booth? Also, I don’t need to hear your dopey, one-sided phone call when you’re walking through the department store.


People keep telling me I shouldn’t smoke while pregnant. Well, guess what, I’m not pregnant just really fat in my mid section. Stop passing judgment like you know me or my body.


To those who complain about people who buy seafood etc. with a benefit card. It is their right. Seafood is healthy. Don’t judge a person who has a benefit card.