June 9, 2013

Speakout: June 9, 2013


---- — Fundraising

Gay basketball player comes out and the White House has big-time fundraiser. How about starving kids, medical research, senior citizens who can’t afford medicine? There are a lot more important areas for fundraising than this political lobby group.

Child support

I would love to know what is the point of giving someone a year in jail for not paying child support. Now the state has to support them and still support the children.


It must be a basic prerequisite for citizenship to respect the rule of law. Those who violated the laws cannot be allowed to obtain the cherished fruits of citizenship. We can’t make illegal immigration an easier path to citizenship than legal immigration.


A friendship consists of getting together and spending time together, not just texting. It doesn’t seem right that people let texting take the place of having fun together.


Schools should have monitors on buses to help the little ones and help the driver. The first week my granddaughter started school, her parents were notified about a kid on the bus with a knife. Since then, there have several other incidents.


Bill Clinton lied about an affair and was impeached. Obama lies about everything and is praised.


I recently visited a loved one at a local nursing home. I went to ask a question and was directed to a male R.N. He was wearing Bermuda shorts and sneakers. I thought he was going to the beach. I think employees should be dressed in proper attire.


Guns worries, blaming Obama, picking on our civil servants. Can’t we speak out about anything positive? I just got back from a beautiful vacation, and I want to remind everyone to stop, take a look around and be grateful for their life and loved ones.


A friend visited for a week, and we went shopping one afternoon. She noted how people presented themselves was pretty bad. Adults wearing PJs or sweatpants and shirts stained in food. Let’s get rid of the Rock Eater nickname; look presentable.


To the person who found my purse on May 1 and returned it to the office at Hannaford, thank you, thank you. I am so grateful to you. I was sure it was gone forever. You will never know how happy you made me that day.


Thank you, Motor Vehicle Department, for having a smiling face in there. A simple smile goes a long way.


A big thumbs up to anyone that says good things about their mom today. Put a smile on your mom’s face and let her know she’s loved. Maybe even post a pic on her on your Facebook.


Thank goodness for kind, caring people in our community. To the gentleman who helped an elderly man with plummeting blood sugar get safely into the restaurant to sit and recover, words cannot express how thankful we are for you being there during our breakfast rush and noticing he needed help.


Why are roadsides so littered with garbage? Why not wait until you get to a trash can to throw it out? What happened to the litter law?


I’m so proud of the members of Reality Check who were able to go to NYC to protest the Philip Morris International shareholder meeting. Some people say the youth of today are too apathetic. I say we don’t give them enough opportunities to stand up, say something and be heard.