March 20, 2013

Speakout: March 20, 2013


---- — Childish

When it became law that you had to wear a seat belt, do you think people protested because the government was trying to take away their cars and deny them the right to own property? That kind of political posturing is childish.


The Sheriff’s Department could take over police duties in this city at a much lesser cost. It is time to explore other options. The recent publication of the City Police budget stunned a lot of taxpayers. 


Despite education and untasteful advertisement, people who want to smoke, smoke. Stop wasting my tax dollars on this. Steer clear of the smelly, coughing, littering bunch.


To the person in the white car that hit our cat on Union Road on purpose, you must be so proud of yourself. Thank God for Palmer’s Vet. They were able to fix our cat. Your parent should be so proud.


When people stop resorting to violence with weapons and physical abuse and hurtful words, we will have a civilized society again. Seems as though people don’t want to talk about their problems first.


Thank you to the person who went through the Dunkin Donuts drive through at about 3:30 p.m. on March 4 and paid for my coffee. A small gesture of kindness was much appreciated.


I would just like to say great job to the NAC girls basketball team. For years they have not had a strong program, but this year they made it to the championship game. Congrats on never giving up.


More police than other cars some evenings downtown. I’ve gone out with the girls in other towns and it’s not chaos and fighting, and they don’t need cops standing on every corner all night.


Just because you live outside of the city doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow leash laws. To let your dog run up and down the road is careless, especially if there’s the potential of them being hit by a car.