March 17, 2013

Speakout: March 17, 2013


---- — Hugs

Do people realize how important affection is? For our kids, for our families, for our spouses? Love each other. Hug your son, your daughter, your mom, your dad.


About kids at bingo, they don’t need to breath in second-hand smoke; simply sit in the non-smoking section with your kids or leave them at home.


The Plattsburgh State baseball scoreboard did not work all last year. If it were hockey, it would be fixed in an hour. It used to be the best field in the league.


I agree that gun laws are useless. They don’t stop anyone from killing like in Newtown and Virginia Tech. There like speed limits; they don’t stop anybody from speeding.


A bad guy walks into my house with a gun. I have to walk over to a cabinet with a key and unlock the door. I get a gun. I have to take the safety off and load the gun. Now I can shoot. I’m sure he’ll wait.


If the mayor wants to cut the budget, he should look at using the County Sheriff’s Department and State Police to help the City Police Department so staffing can be cut.


Tips are given on a case by case basis. If you want tips, learn how to deal with the clientele. If you are rude to me in any fashion, you will not get tipped.