April 21, 2012

Editing Speakout is challenging

Speakout is overwhelmingly popular, emphasis on overwhelming.

On any given day, we have about 200 Speakouts backed up, waiting either review or publication.

We recently reduced the length limit for Speakout entries from 100 words to 50, hoping that if they are shorter, we can get more in faster.

Because this comment forum is anonymous, it is heavily edited, and many are deleted. We want Speakout to be constructive and to further community discussion.

We get complaints sometimes from people whose Speakouts we didn't use. I thought I would share some examples of those.

We usually clean up the spelling, but these are shown as submitted, just so you can see what we are up against.


We don't allow people to criticize specific businesses or people in Speakout. How do we know you aren't from a competing business? Or are a fired employee? Or someone with a grudge against the person?

We have deleted the names from these examples of Speakouts we didn't use:

"We ordered (name deleted) pizza and then it got here and we found hair in it and my boyfriend/son wasnt even drunk or nothing and now he is very sick now from it and i dont like the rudeness that came from there"

"(Teacher's name) treats her students disrespectfully, grades unfairly and speaks rudely to her pupils. She thinks that she can treat students in anyway that she pleases, yet wont even allow them to express their opinions when they are treated wrongly."

"to the person who thinks that (restaurant name) is good food, you are more than welcome to come over to my house and eat out of my garbage it taste the same!!"

"(Name deleted) Don't go there. You bye a car you get it fixed from them they mess up and charge you for it and you turn them in they will repo you. Leave you with nothing. Then they blame you!!!!"

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