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April 3, 2011

Climate Science: Indicators of Human Fingerprint on Climate Change


One reader sent me a curious email, "Icebergs in Lake Michigan." Indeed one photo showed a building sized chunk of ice floating in the water. Close examination of the photo revealed many layers of ice in the mass not un-like one sees in tree rings. This was a multi-year iceberg from a glacier, not seasonal ice, and certainly not from Lake Michigan. One can only guess why this misinformation is circulating on the web.

NASA Report: CO2 at 391.7 ppm as of February 2011 at Mauna Loa Observatory: pre-industrial level ~280 ppm.

"And, so it goes."

The scientific career of Raymond N. Johnson, Ph.D., spanned 30 years in research and development as an organic/analytical chemist; he is currently founder and director of the Institute of Climate Studies USA ( Climate Science is published the first Sunday of every month.

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