July 22, 2012

A chance to help our lake


Our businesses will prosper as more people have more reasons to go downtown and enjoy the lake. Even the construction jobs to build an effluent plant will be a good shot in the arm for an industry that has suffered most in this Great Recession. I am very confident that a careful analysis of the benefits of a new plant will well exceed its cost.

This is the type of infrastructure project our region needs, and it is precisely the type of improvement our federal government should have been encouraging as part of its stimulus package. The status quo stinks, pun intended, and this is the perfect opportunity to do something about it. Let’s do a bit less of preserving what is not working and instead imagine what will work better and on many more levels, now and for generations to come. Plattsburgh deserves it.

Colin Read chairs the Department of Economics and Finance at SUNY Plattsburgh. Continue the discussion at

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