February 12, 2012

Vision2Action deserving of support

Over the past few weeks, we have read about yet another example of the ways in which this community is taking its economic future into its own hands.

The Strand Theater has announced that more than 80 percent of the funding necessary to open up the historic building is now in place. They have asked the community to step up and to help complete the project now that completion is near, and theater, opera and live music could be performed at a wonderfully restored historic theater near you.

Soon, too, the Saranac River Walk will be complete. Soon, you will be able to walk all the way from the shore of Lake Champlain to the edge of Plattsburgh High School along a tumbling river, past gardens and rock walls, historical cemeteries and battle sites, by a new regional airport and through a university campus.

Perhaps some entrepreneur will start up an upstream kayak or canoe business that will allow adventuring visitors and residents alike to float the river on a beautiful summer afternoon. The possibilities of such a public/private partnership are exciting, as they often are when we can be both visionary and entrepreneurial.

Both these events are incredibly important for our community. I believe they will be transformational. However, they did not come about because of serendipity. Nor did they occur because a bureaucrat or an elected official threw a lot of money against a wall and hoped it stuck. They resulted from equal combinations of vision and hard work.

There is a joke among physicists. When Einstein was formulating his theory of relativity, he tried a few equations on the blackboard. First, he wrote down E = ma2 and that did not look right. Then he tried E = mb2, but finally settled on E = mc2, which we now know as the equation that unleashed the atomic bomb, the energy of the sun and nuclear power.

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