July 8, 2012

Reveling in family fun and Fourth fireworks

For us, this has turned out to be the super summer of the family picnic, and I’m lovin’ it. 

It seems that almost every weekend was already penciled in with a filial function of some sort by the middle of June. At this time of year, we try extra hard to slow the clock to a crawl in order to savor the good times. It’s not easy when the season is so short and life becomes a whirlwind.

For our burgeoning Little and Baker clan, there’s a lot to love. Over the years, we’ve come to cherish the holidays and any other times when our far-flung family can meet for special occasions or no occasions at all. We consider ourselves so very fortunate and, in spite of individual personalities and dispositions, we take these moments to embrace and enjoy the interaction.

Such was the case last weekend on beautiful Chazy Lake. Our daughter Diane and her husband, Roger Wright, entertained our large group in fine fashion. The weatherman added tons of sunshine, and we added tons of homemade food. Of course, Roger supplied the clams, and I stood very close to the grill with my little plastic fork and container of real melted butter. My, oh my. My palate is easily pleased, and it was certainly happy that day.

We’re doubly lucky in this part of the country because Canada Day and July Fourth come so close together. It gives us the opportunity of sharing the good times with our neighbors to the north, and we do so gladly. 

This brings me to a question that, at least for me, has no easy answer. Should we or should we not legalize fireworks for individuals without permits in this state once again? The jury is still out. New York state passed a law last year allowing sparklers once again, but it was vetoed by the governor.

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