May 13, 2012

Always focus on the positive

For the second time in two years, one of our sons was diagnosed with cancer. We were devastated, of course.

Those who know Kaye and me are aware that we are a family of great faith. We believe in positive outcomes for every situation in our lives. We recently celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary and reflected on the good times. Never the bad.

On May 4, 1974, we celebrated our big day with a reception at a restaurant in Beekmantown. I mentioned it in a recent column, and the owners brought a present and a great anecdote that was connected. Sheila and Wayne Dumont wrote a note saying that two years after our reception, they closed the restaurant, made some alterations in the building and opened an antique shop. Their letter goes on: "The day before we closed the doors, a tractor-trailer rolled into our driveway to deliver 30,000 (yes, thirty thousand) Brothers Five Tavern napkins … we had forgotten to cancel the auto shipment."

They still have a few bundles of the vintage napkins and shared a package with us last week. What a delightful gift.

I called to thank them for their thoughtfulness. Sometimes we can thank people in person, but at other times, we need to use a broader forum to let the world know how grateful we are for the love and kindness this great North Country gives us all the time.

We had horrible tragedies in early November of 1988. We could never repay what people did for us, but we have tried to give back whenever we can.

Two years ago, when the first cancer diagnosis tried to knock us down, the prayers and medical expertise prevailed, and our son made miraculous strides. As far as he is concerned now, he is now disease free and thrives with excellent health. He has boundless praise for treatment he still receives at the CVPH FitzPatrick Cancer Center.

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