February 16, 2014

Sweet talk for Small Talk

Is the heart-shaped box of candy empty on your coffee table this morning?

Did he hand the chocolates to you with the gushy card on Friday and then proceed to eat most of them himself? Is that the way it is at your house?

Well I solved that problem. I didn’t buy her candy this year. Not that we don’t love the luscious nougats and nut clusters and crème-filled and all the rest. It’s just that I’ve consumed far too many in the past.

But, don’t fret about it. We have plenty of sweets in the cupboard. Should we run out of chocolates, we can always defer to the Girl Scout cookies and homemade hard candy from our friend Mary Ann Brown in Peru. She makes the kind I remember from my mom.

There were brownies and raisin bread dropped off at our house by Janelle Light, just because she wanted to. And, don’t forget the very special homemade muffins with the crunchy tops brought here by Linda Harwood a few days ago. Oh, yes. I almost forgot Bonnie and Richard Wingler taking little trips to pick up delights from the Amish bakers and keeping us well supplied.

So, you see, every day is Valentine’s Day at the Little house on the river in Morrisonville. We give love. We get love. Kaye and I will celebrate our wedding anniversary in early May, but we celebrate our forever love every day of the week. May 4 is just when we said the official “I dos.” We affirm it all the time, sometimes quietly and sometimes loud enough to make our clocks chime out of sync.

I once wrote her a poem and came across it recently in a drawer. With your indulgence, I’ll print it here, even though we’re two days past Valentine’s Day. It won’t garner any votes for poet laureate, but at least it comes from the heart. It was penned on the occasion of our 22nd wedding anniversary many years ago.

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