January 29, 2014

Time with grandchildren enjoyable, surprising, cute

The best parts of any trip are two-fold: arriving at your destination and arriving back home again.

But it’s the time in between, spent doing something enjoyable, that is remembered. Our recent visit to Colorado Springs for the holidays proved once again how true this is.

We have nine grandchildren and a newly born great-granddaughter there. Of course, for me, rocking the baby, even though she is asleep, is mandatory. The older kids, from 6 to 22, are more active, and it’s hard to catch them for a cuddle.

Our grandson, Grayson, the 6-year-old, has blond hair, sparkling blue eyes and has learned a lot from his older siblings — good and not-so-good. He is quick with an answer to everything and comes up with ideas that bewilder me.

When it comes to patience, grandmothers seem to have more tolerance for antics of youth. Grandfathers, on the other hand, want more obedience when the antics get silly. Even though he is a loving grandfather and likes one-on-one time with the grandkids, my husband, Toby, fits this bill perfectly.

One day, our daughter Carrie Lee was chatting with Grayson as he ate his lunch at the snack bar. She said, “Now you’re done your lunch, go have some fun.”

His blue eyes looked her straight in the eye and said, “Mom, if Papa would go home, we could have some fun!”

Trying to keep from laughing, she said, “Now, Grayson, that’s not nice. Papa loves you. If Papa goes home, Grammie has to go home, too.”

He thought again and said, “Well, Grammie can take Papa home, and then she can come back.”

We all had a good laugh, even Papa.

With a family of nine kids and three very busy businesses to run, Carrie and Rick don’t get much quiet time for themselves. When we visit, we insist they take a few days away, generally in the nearby Rocky Mountains, for some regeneration time. They made it to Cripple Creek before the snow, which brought a huge snowstorm to Colorado Springs.

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