May 5, 2013

Forestry workshop offered

The New York Forest Owners Association (NYFOA) is a well-established, active state-wide not-for-profit dedicated to the needs of New York’s non-industrial private forest landowners.

NYFOA works closely with Cornell University, Cornell Cooperative Extension, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry, and the United States Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service and Natural Resources Conservation Service to provide information and services to its members and to encourage stewardship of private forests for the long-term benefit of current and future generations of New Yorkers.

The core group assisting NYFOA with programming and education is a dedicated team of CCE natural resources educators trained in a variety of forestry, natural resources and environmental fields. CCE educators are allied with the Cornell University campus, local legislators and others who help form policies that affect the management and sustainability of private forest lands within their communities, as well as a network of educators throughout New York and in other states with whom they share research and Extension projects, and educational successes and strategies.

CCE Franklin County has long-maintained a friendly, focused working relationship with the Northern Adirondack Chapter (NAC) of NYFOA, its officers and members. We believe one of the best ways to provide outreach and facilitate learning is to provide workshops held on privately owned non-industrial forest properties; workshops that allow private woodland owners, property managers, maple producers, legislators, government representatives and a concerned public the opportunity to share beneficial management information and see firsthand woodlot improvement and timber and land-management strategies that are effectively being used by dedicated forest landowners in their communities to maximize the use of their forest natural resources.

Through its local chapters, NYFOA provides camaraderie, knowledge and training for landowners and the public. Neighboring forest landowners and other NYFOA members often meet to share management information, attend workshops and tour each other’s woodlots. Tours are commonly referred to as “woodswalks.” These provide valuable opportunities to look at successfully applied woodlot-improvement techniques and effective timber and land-management strategies taking place within their local communities and across the state.

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