May 20, 2014

Scratch an itch

The heat is on, literally and figuratively, for the 13 participants working it in the Plattsburgh Go Red BetterU Makeover Challenge.

We have five more weeks to go, and it’s not pretty.

The majority of us managed to lose a couple more pounds at Wednesday’s weigh-in at Eclipse Fitness & Spa.

But there were a few starring in a pas de deux with sugar or alcohol and what only the angels know.

Vacation, birthdays and Mother’s Day were excuses parceled out for regression and no or little weight loss but professional fitness trainer Michelle Mosher wasn’t having it.

She has schooled us in what to eat, how often to eat and how to use practically every piece of equipment inside Eclipse. It was time to woman up.

No more excuses.

Mosher pointed out that everybody working out in Eclipse has a life outside of it — career, relationship and family obligations — but they carve the time to attend to their fitness. If they can do it, we can do it.

No more excuses.

She led us in a modified Pilates class, and we were moaning and groaning during and afterward for days.

Saturdays and Sundays are my recovery days but not this weekend. Saturday, I spent hours cutting and dragging brush and raking and bagging last winter’s leaves. At the end of the day, I was burnt.

After recovering with Aleve and a dead-to-the-world sleep, I was back at it Sunday with my friend “Dag Pullem,” cutting patches of sod with shovels and shaking it free of dirt like a Polaroid picture to create an approximately 8-by-8-foot garden patch augmented with John Conroy’s Guaranteed Super Duper Horse Manure.

Three hours in, Dag and I took a break at Stewart’s. You know where this is going. We were hot and thirsty. The plan was to get Gatorade, which he did, orange. I on the other hand BASE jumped right off everything Mosher had told us into a dish of two scoops of salty caramel mochachino. On the plus side, it was gluten free, and it was as smooth as heaven after inhaling dirt. The manure was to come.

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